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“Jews for Jesus” attempts to convert Steve Jobs

Posted by Helper Monkey

In what can only be described as the most bizarre marketing tactic we have ever seen, New York-based Jews for Jesus has created a pamphlet specifically designed to convert Steve Jobs (who is Jewish) to Christianity, and it even goes so far as to compare Steve Jobs to Jesus Christ.

Above: Even Buzz Lightyear seems to be OK with Jobs’ conversion.

“Steve Jobs – you started in lowly circumstances… a garage in Los Altos, Californiaâ€? reads the pamphlet, titled “What’s Next for the iPod Guy?” (dated July 10th, 2006). It then goes on to detail his founding of Apple, subsequent oustting, founding of NEXT and glorious return to Apple in the late 90’s. “We’d like you to meet someone who is kind of like you. Someone wo also started out humbly. Someone who had a good career. Someone who also took a fall and then, kind of like you did, came back to life. Maybe you know who I’m talking about, Steve – it’s Jesus the Messiah. He was born in a donkey’s feeding trough, even more humble than a garage. He was killed, but not in a power coup. He said it was his purpose to die –, so that you and I could be made spiritually whole. (You’ll pardon the pun, but when Adam and Eve took a “byteâ€? out of the “appleâ€?, humanity lost something that no GPS system will ever locate.â€?

Above: Despite rampant copyright infringement, at least Jews for Jesus had the sense to flip the Apple logo. (We’re assuming that was intentional)

The really odd thing about this document (and there are MANY to choose from) is that it seems the Jobs-to-Christ comparison is not a marketing tactic designed to get fans of Jobs to think about Christianity. This actually appears to be an open letter written specifically to Steve Jobs, asking him to convert. I guess they figure since Steve has so much in common with their founder, a “merger� makes perfect sense. Plus, the pamphlet makes mention of Steve’s famous “reality distortion field�, so maybe they figure he will be come a modern day John the Baptist and help convert his current flock of Mac faithful.

Jews for Jesus seems to have a long career of using celebrities in their marketing materials. Names such as Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, Superman, Howard Stern, and the NY Mets have all found their way into JFJ pamphlets in the past.

We have no idea whether this pamphlet will succeed in converting Mr. Jobs away from his chosen religion (it DOES present a pretty convincing argument, after all), but don’t be surprised if we see a Special Edition 700 Club video iPod this holiday season pre-loaded with all of Stephen Baldwin’s movies.

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(special thanks to Macenstein reader Mr. Peanut for the heads up)

[EDIT:] We have received word now from various sources that Steve Jobs may in fact be Lutheran, and not Jewish (we are unable to verify either way, as there are multiple web entries claiming both to be the case, and the ever-faithful Wiki seems to ignore the issue completely). If true, this news (in addition to all the other celebrity names JFJ has attempted to attach itself to in the past) makes this bizarre pamphlet seem even MORE like a desperate attempt to bring publicity to JFJ’s “cause�.

15 Responses to ““Jews for Jesus” attempts to convert Steve Jobs”
  1. Super B. says:

    Can they get in trouble for using his picture and the buzz picture?
    I guess Jesus would step in on their behalf if legal troubles got too bad though…

  2. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Hmm… At this rate, if they make a pamphlet for each individual person, they’ll just need 300 milion more pamphlets to convert evryone.

  3. Shinaku says:

    I always thought Steve was a buddhist considering he talks about Karma a lot.


  4. Justin says:

    Pretty convincing argument? Sure, if you’re a stark raving lunatic.

    Followers of the Judaic tradition believe that Jesus was a man — not a deity. The members of “Jews for Jesus” do not share this belief and are therefore Christians — not Jews.

    The very phrase “Jews for Jesus” makes about as much sense as “Atheists for God.” The fact that this group even exists is nothing short of pure comedy.

  5. Ashraf Ali says:

    Doesn’t it feel as if its like this

    CoS = Tom Cruise
    JoJ = Steve Jobs (well it wont happen. ever. but lol)

  6. Tyler says:

    Tell these religious a**holes to F*** Off. Leave Jobs alone to create more miracles in the computer industry.

  7. cmom says:

    Jews for Jesus uses famous people’s names to draw attn. to the Messiah. They’ll use whatever vehicle might attract a particular population. Sure they’d like to see Steve Jobs come to know the Messiah in a personal way, but mostly they want to connect with others who might find that an interesting supposition. End of story.

  8. Donnie says:

    First: Jew is a race, Judism is a religion, Second: Even Christ wouldnt be so tacky as to stoop to using a famous persons name in his time to convert, lest it be his father, for instance “Hey, John the Baptist did it, you should too.”, Third: How could you take such blatent advertising seriously, its like believing that Red Bull really will “give you wings”.

    Im a Christian and I take exception to the tactics that these guys are using to bring people to (push people away from) Christ. I say we send the Jehovahs Witnesses to their doors and see how they like it.

  9. Way Cool Jr. says:

    “Even Christ wouldnt be so tacky as to.. ”
    That’s awesome.
    So Christ is/was really tacky, but not THAT tacky..?

  10. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Hey, just today Jackie Mason sued Jews for JEsus over using HIS likeness in one of their pamphlets!


    $2 million!

    Looks like Steve Jobs could get even richer!

  11. Al says:

    I think Jews for Jesus gave Steve Jobs the biggest compliment he’ll ever receive in his life. To even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Messiah should be considered to be an honor. I use Macs and am grateful for the technology. My relationship with Christ, as this tract tries to explain, makes all else, including the shinny bitten apple, pale in comparison. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to being with Jesus when this life is over. Just for the record, Jesus was a Jew and the first disciples of Jesus were also Jewish.

  12. Yakov says:

    For those who say that a Jew cannot be a Christian.. well consider this- all the first “Christians” were in fact Jews- all the twelve disciples were Jews, Paul, the most famous Christian after Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jew.

    Also, these people did not consider themselves as not being a Jew because they believed Yeshua was their Saviour- they practiced and were very much part of Judaism of their time. Even Yeshua said that He came for the Jews first. Believing in Yeshua doesn’t mean you need to loose your Judaism- Yeshua completes a Jew. It is done, finished.

  13. Your Bunghole says:

    Right wing Christians are wackos. No matter what their ethnic backround. Its all lies to keep the masses under control. Christian religion was picked up by the Romans as a tool to control the masses.

  14. Thoth says:

    Realize that this article is dead, but still, just in case anyone else finds this: Steve Jobs has confirmed that he is an atheist. ATHEIST!! Almost makes we want to go buy a mac.

  15. Mike says:

    most adoptees are atheists or agnostics…

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