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LoJack for Macs

Posted by iGor

Did you know that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds? Me either. That adds up to about 525,000 laptops a year. Using the logic that the only laptop worth stealing is an Apple laptop, that means a full ¼ of all Mac laptops are stolen!

Well, MacBook owners no longer have anything to fear. Absolute Software has released a Mac version of its Computrace LoJack for Laptops Laptop security and recovery software, and the apps aims to bring up the laughable 3% recovery rate laptops currently “enjoy�.

From the LoJack for Laptops website:

“LoJack for Laptops is a recovery service that enables law enforcement to recover stolen laptops. When your laptop is protected with this service, software installed on your laptop works behind the scenes to silently and securely contact our Monitoring Center, and if stolen, report its location using any Internet connection.

When your laptop is stolen, our Recovery Team tracks its location and partners with local law enforcement to recover and return your laptop to you. LoJack for Laptops is the ultimate tool for mobile theft protection!�

LoJack for Laptops costs $49 for a 1 year subscription to the service, and discounts are available for pre-purchasing longer terms.

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  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    how hard do you think the cops look for a Lojacked laptop? And how accurate is the posiition the laptop can broadcast to the cops? It doesn’t look like there is any hardware involved, software-only. So where’s the GPS come from? or can it get an accurate physical locale from IP address info?

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