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MacSoft releases Halo Universal Binary

Posted by Helper Monkey

MacSoft has completed its port of a universal binary version of Halo, meaning the game will (finally) run natively on Intel Macs.

The update is free to anyone who purchased the PPC version of Halo AFTER January 1st, 2006 (approximately when the new Intel Macs were announced), and was smart enough to hold on to their dated sales receipt for 8 months. If you purchased Halo before the first of the year, or lost your receipt, MacSoft will still ship you a new disc for free, but there will be a $9.99 shipping charge. Those wishing to download the update in lieu of receiving a physical disc may download the update from the MacGameStore. There is a $5.00 downloading charge for owners of the original game.

MacSoft claims the reworking of Halo into a universal app was a huge undertaking requiring a large portion of the code to be rewritten, thus the delay and “shipping� costs. The update is not necessary for those people running Halo on PowerPC systems.

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