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Rumor: New Apple program “TEAMS” leaked?

Posted by Helper Monkey

Yesterday at the WWDC Steve Jobs mentioned that there were a few upcoming features of Leopard he was not going to be discussing. He also made mention of new collaborative features in iCal. Well, faithful Macenstein reader Trudy sent us a link over at Apple’s own newly opened macosforge that seems to list a new calendaring product from Apple called “Teams�. Did Apple once again prematurely leak info on its own web site?

While this could simply be a typo (as regular iCal is listed just above it), Teams certainly SOUNDS like a collaborative tool to us.

Clicking the link brings up a page with the message “Using Teams with the Calendar Server. Document to be written.

[EDIT] We received a report that a company called ERGONOMICS made a Windows-only calendar program called TEAM (no “s”) back in 2002. But since macosforge is hosted by Apple, it is unlikely this is what the page’s author was referring to.

5 Responses to “Rumor: New Apple program “TEAMS” leaked?”
  1. Phil McKraken says:

    macosforge seems to be a site for developers focusing on the open source technologies in Mac OSX.
    Would they have access to beta software from Apple? I would think if they did, they would not be allowed to mention it on publically accessable websites.

  2. Way Cool Jr. says:

    No, the site is hosted by Apple, so I think this is a legitimate leak.

  3. If you look at the image from Apple here at the link below, it includes categories like (people, groups, locations and resources). Might be something similar to MS global address list, but I’ve comments that this is the new collaborative tool (wiki / weblog).

  4. Riley says:

    Is that the teams icon in the dock?

  5. moof says:

    The link has since changed to say Wiki Server, however the url still contains the word teams. In any case the linked page seems to give an explanation.

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