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Free on iTunes: Nickelodeon’s “Mr. Meaty�

Posted by Helper Monkey

Nickelodeon and Apple have made the premiere episode of Nick’s decidedly disturbing looking show, Mr. Meaty, available as a free download. Mr. Meaty is a puppet based show following the exploits of two fast food workers, Josh and Parker. While the show is for kids, it isn’t for little kids (and quite frankly, the puppets are so grotesque-looking, I’m not sure this is for anyone.)

The free episode, entitled Buffalo Burrito, can be downloaded here.

3 Responses to “Free on iTunes: Nickelodeon’s “Mr. Meatyâ€?”
  1. brian says:

    ha ha! REAL fast food employees look better! i guess they went for the realism.

  2. BURGER BABE says:

    This is really funny!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I Wish I Had Josh and Parker Puppets So Bad

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