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Free on iTunes: Little G’s Halloween (animated short)

Posted by iGor

Directed by Brendan Gallagher

From iTunes:

The first of Little G’s adventures, this animated Halloween story follows our ghostly preschool hero as he trick or treats for the first time. Little G soon realizes that being a ghost, even on Halloween, can be challenging.

Not to get too morbid here, but it certainly makes you wonder just how this little preschooler died…

…anyway, you can download Little G’s Halloween here.

3 Responses to “Free on iTunes: Little G’s Halloween (animated short)”
  1. Zim says:

    I say he died in a fire.
    Thus the lose-fitting sheet covering his body.

  2. eyerhyme says:

    I’m in Canada and we’re STILL waiting to even get Movie/TV downloads. But what pisses me off even more is these free shows can’t be downloaded because I have a Canadian account. So I switch to the US store, log in and get the message that I can’t download it because I have a Canadian account. IT’S F$%^ING FREE FOR CRYING OUTLOUD AND YOU STILL WON’T LET ME VIEW IT!!! Business racism and prejudice as far as I’m concerned… although it doesn’t help that our politcs are just as screwed up here with licenses etc. DAMN!!!

  3. Brendan G says:

    Interesting theory Zim, oddly I didn’t contemplate how the little tike passed when I created him. Sorry for the lack of round the world availability Ian. This is a simply little short, very much for the young ones, so you are probably not missing a whole lot. Being just under 02:30, we concluded that it would be fairest not to sell it, but make it available for a limited time, free download on iTunes. I was cool with that, but decided to limit “complimentary’ availability to the domestic market.

    I love the reviews. There are two distinct camps; it either makes people cry or vomit. I think if you are a little kid or have em, it makes more sense.

    Thanks for the post Igor, but shame on you for starting the whole dead preschooler controversy, I Guess I’ll have to address the issue in an upcoming adventure… “Little G and the spilling Goblet of Fire?” hmmm

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