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Free on iTunes: Premiere episode of “Breaking Bonaduce: Season 2”

Posted by Helper Monkey

VH1 and Apple are kicking off the second season of the (semi) hit series Breaking Bonaduce by giving away the Season 2 opener for free on iTunes. The premiere episode, aptly entitled “El Gringo Loco“, sets the stage for mayhem as a newly sober Danny must address his obsessive relationship with his wife Getchen with the “help” of Dr. Gary Corgiat.

Show description:

At the onset of Season Two, we see the impact that ‘Breaking Bonaduce’ has had on Danny and Gretchen’s lives. In fact, the show is successful enough to get international distribution. So in order to keep the momentum moving forward, Danny agrees to help promote the show in Mexico City. While there, he pays a visit to a dubbing house where ‘Breaking Bonaduce’ is being translated into Spanish. But because Danny has never seen the show before, after viewing an episode from last season in which Gretchen has strippers at her birthday party, Danny goes into a tailspin.

Download the free episode here.

3 Responses to “Free on iTunes: Premiere episode of “Breaking Bonaduce: Season 2””
  1. Chris says:

    As of 8am eastern US, the iTunes store says this episode is no longer available.

  2. Wolfman Mac says:

    That happens a lot on the iTunes store. I bet in 2 or 3 hours it will resolve correctly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    are there more episodes? did danny find God?

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