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PBS Shows added to iTunes

Posted by Helper Monkey

PBS today joined the iTunes family and added 7 shows to the iTunes Store. The offerings range from children’s programming (Arthur, Cyberchase, and FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman), to more adult programming discussing science and politics (NOW, NOVA, and Scientific American Frontiers). Also added is the popular (among the eBay crowd anyway) Antiques Roadshow.

Of note: All episodes are listed at the same $1.99 price as other iTunes television programming, with the exception of the Nova programs, which for some reason are listed at $7.99 for each 1-hour show.

5 Responses to “PBS Shows added to iTunes”
  1. The Wookalar says:

    They’re probably charging more for NOVA because some old farts actually pay for the tapes (I will assume they don’t own DVD players). No one will download one episode of NOW or Antiques Roadshow. I wish iTunes published stats on downloads. The only thing that will work on iTunes for PBS are the kid’s shows.

  2. nsinu8 says:

    8 clams for NOVA is off the charts….. Apple is beginning to flex with all of these new price points. It a sign of Apple caving a bit. First comes this, then the movie studios (besides Disney) will bend it a bit further & the TV networks will all whine & they will try to get crazy premiums for new releases of TV shows. I pretty much hate subscription based services but I think its time for Apple to offer a subscription service for its video content.

  3. Joe says:

    Why do we have to pay for PBS shows? Don’t we already through tax dollars and those stupid ass telethons they do every year.

  4. nobody says:

    The contributors don’t pay for Apple’s badwidth…

  5. The Wookalar says:

    yeah, but bandwidth isn’t costing $1.99 a show. more like 10¢ to 20¢.
    Throw in ano extra 5¢ to compress.
    These shows should cost 25¢.

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