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CNBC says possible touch screen iPod in December

Posted by Helper Monkey

CNBC’s “On The Money� reports that the recent touch sensitive iPod patent that has emerged, combined with rumors they have heard, seem to hint at a new touch screen video iPod announcement this December. The video seems to be based on no new information, and they end the report by covering themselves and saying that it is possible Apple may wait to announce such a device at its January Macworld Expo. Or not.

Most companies would have to have already alerted major retailing partners that new products are coming, so they could allocate their purchasing budgets and store space to promoting such a device in time for the holiday shopping season. Apple is in a somewhat unique position with both its online and retail stores, in that it theoretically COULD unveil a new iPod sometime in December, and still get the product out there in time for Santa.

Anyway, here is the video, judge for yourself if this reporter has any clue.

2 Responses to “CNBC says possible touch screen iPod in December”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    It’s just them trying to fill 24 hours a day of news.
    All guessing/lack of real journalistic skills.

  2. Gavin says:

    How could apple not take this route with all of the design mockups people have imagined online for the past year. Plus if apple doesn’t do it, they know someone else will.

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