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The Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell bashes Dell, Windows

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

I own a very virus-prone Dell“.

Those were the words of Bruce Campbell, star of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness cult classic horror movies at a special “meet and greet” held at the New World’s Stages Theater, in New York..

I had the extreme pleasure of attending last night’s performance of the new Broadway musical “Evil Dead: The Musical“, based on the trio of 20 year-old horror flicks starring Campbell. As a special treat, after the performance Bruce Campbell (who is not IN the play) came out for a 40 minute Q&A session about all things Evil Dead.

So I asked Mr. Campbell, “What type of computer do you own?” He said, “And how is that relevant?” After a bit more pressing, he replied, “I own a very virus-prone Dell”.

Now, while some may say that is not exactly Windows/Dell bashing (after all, he DOES own a PC), I say he didn’t exactly sound thrilled either.

Anyway, if any of you will be in the NY area, and are fans of the Evil Dead films, I urge you all to go check it out. And pay the extra dough to get in the 1st 3 rows (AKA the “Splatter Section”) Lots of blood, lots of laughs, and a real treat.


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