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Star Wars on iTunes? It could happen

Posted by Helper Monkey

CNN is reporting that News Corp., owners of the Fox movie studio (among almost every other thing) is close to a deal with Apple to sell Fox-owned movies on the iTunes store. Fox has produced many hits, such as the X-Men and Ice Age franchises, but what has most of us tech geeks in a frenzy is this deal may mean there will be yet ANOTHER way to spend money on the Star Wars series of movies.

Having bought VHS versions of all its incantations (even the re-visited special editions with tacked-on effects) and then the DVD versions, I for one can’t wait to buy them all again on iTunes.

Of course, for some reason I doubt Fox has the final word on whether the Star Wars franchise will ever hit the iTunes store. I seem to remember a little fella named George Lucas being able to stop Fox from putting out a DVD release a few years back, so odds are he would have to bless the union. Still, it will be nice to see some non-Disney offerings on iTunes, and Lucas’ own Star Wars cartoons are currently available, so who knows?

3 Responses to “Star Wars on iTunes? It could happen”
  1. Gavin says:

    Watch, it’ll be a special re-re-release digitally mastered for quicktime 7…get it now before the quicktime 8 version comes out

  2. LE Studios says:

    Damn it has been almost 3 years since you spoke on this and we are still waiting I will hope to see Star Wars Saga on iTunes it may be a stretch to see it in HD on iTunes but hopefully with 5.1 Audio also.

  3. Does any one know what happened with this? I haven’t noticed any fox movies in iTunes but I think it would be very convenient for those of us who spend every waking moment in front of a computer.

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