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EyeTV gets 2.3.3 update; more iPod/iTunes integration

Posted by Helper Monkey

In our opinion, there wasn’t much room for improvement with Elgato’s EyeTV software, but today the company managed to prove us wrong by releasing version 2.3.3. Despite being a “x.x.x” release, there are actually a couple major improvements packed into this update. Chief among them are improved iPod export compression options, and the ability for EyeTV to include the Metadata received fromt he online program guide into the iPod exports, saving you much time and trouble manually entering the information. Exported shows are also now correctly labeled as TV SHOWS instead of movies when brough into iTunes.

The complete list of updates is as follows:

Hardware Support

EyeTV 2.3.3 supports the following new devices:

Miglia TVDuo, a dual-tuner DVB-T USB device with antenna diversity available in Europe and Australia.
TerraTec Cinergy XS DT, a dual-tuner DVB-T stick with antenna diversity available in Europe and Australia.


EyeTV 2.3.3 offers three export presets to iPod:

Fastest encoding speed: 320×240, MPEG-4
Smallest file size: 320×240, H.264
Best quality: 640×480, H.264

Before using the “iPod” button at the top of the EyeTV Programs window, please open up the EyeTV Preferences to the General tab, and select which of the three iPod exports you prefer as the default. This choice will also affect any scheduled recording that you set to export to iPod.

You can also choose these three iPod export qualities via the File > Export window.

When exporting to iPod, EyeTV now writes recordings’ metadata (for example, programming guide information) into standard MPEG-4 show, episode id, and description tags. These tags are displayed in iTunes. EyeTV also sets the exported file’s video kind to TV Shows, so iTunes automatically files your iPod exports in the TV Show category.

Bug Fixes

• Problems with digital audio output have been corrected.
• A problem recognizing newer revisions of the Twinhan DTV Alpha Mac has been fixed.
• A problem with Miglia TVMax in Poland has been fixed.
• A problem with EyeTV 250 running in Game Mode for over 13 hours has been eliminated.
• A problem with modem and PPPoE connections and remote scheduling has been fixed.
• EyeTV contains new firmware for EyeTV Diversity that fixes a problem with the EyeTV infrared remote control.
• A problem with EyeTV Diversity when waking from sleep has been fixed.
• Support for dual audio (Zweikanalton) with EyeTV 250 has been fixed.
• EyeTV now supports DivX 6.6.
• A problem where the Mac could go to sleep during an exhaustive Auto-Tune has been fixed.
• A problem with moving the playhead using cursor keys in the EyeTV Editor has been fixed.

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