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Watch the “Mac Guy” in Die Hard 4 trailer

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Hey, have you been waiting for the release of Die Hard 4 as much as me?
If so, you haven’t been waiting at all. Still, it’s headed our way like a 60 year-old bald action star, and slated for a 2007 release.

So, what does this have to do with Apple? Well, everyone’s favorite “Mac Guy”, Justin Long seems to be Bruce Willis’ co-star in the upcoming Die Hard sequel, unfortunately named “Live Free or Die Hard“.

Being Willis’ side-kick seems to consist of looking scared and being dragged around by Bruce, and Long pulls it off effortlessly. I doubt John Hodgman could do better.


27 Responses to “Watch the “Mac Guy” in Die Hard 4 trailer”
  1. Phil McKraken says:

    ummm… Justin makes Bruce look like an actor…
    Not easy to do.

  2. Bride of macenstein says:

    you can’t talk about the last boy scout like that!

  3. PC O'witz says:

    Hey! Does anyone know who makes the laptop bag that the hacker uses?

  4. rob says:

    the laptop bag featured and the laptop are made by alienware i have recently purchased both of these and they are definetly of the highest quality would reccomend

  5. Jack says:

    The laptop bag isnt available at alianware, do u know any other shop, where i can buy it? Or exact name of that bag? Thanx

  6. Jonnysmoof says:

    I am also looking for that bag. This website is the only mention i can find about it on the net. Are we the only interested people on the internet? Hmmmm.

  7. NanoyMaster says:

    I also would like that bag! love the flip open easy access feature, needs a hole in the site for an ethernet cable tho ;p

  8. dayspring612 says:

    if anybody finds out where to buy this back please write it to me



  9. GURU says:

    I am also extremely interested in finding that laptop bag. jonnysmoof is right in that this is really the only website that mentions that flip open bag. It looks cool. If anyone finds it make sure to upload it here. 🙂

  10. giz says:

    Is it just me, or does that link not work anymore?

    Don’t suppose someone could give me more details about the messenger bag so I can find it?

  11. Azantar says:

    Anyone every find out the name of the bag the hacker used ?

  12. RoninV says:

    Was anyone able to confirm that the laptop bag used by Justin Long’s character (Matthew Farrell) in DieHard 4 was indeed the Diesel Messenger?

  13. Shadw says:

    hey, i just searched for diesel messenger and what i find are not laptop bags…….

    are you sure that’s the bag used?

  14. Ronin Vladiamhe says:

    The bag that appears, when using the link, is NOT the bag in the movie (flickr link). So the quest for the bag continues…

  15. Trey says:

    I know this is an old post but, has anyone found this bag yet? I’ve searched everywhere, using search taglines such as messenger bag, laptop bag, sling bag, all using search criteria pertaining to Justin Long, and Live Free Or Die Hard. I’m at my wits end…I’ve…”Run out of bullets!” haha

  16. I have been looking for this for the last 30+ minutes for this bag. If it’s a Diesel Messenger, what the hell is the model number or name besides that? It is NOT Timbuk2. Help!

  17. Squidly1 says:

    It appears to be a custom model, or a heavy modification to another in their line. Sadly, I did not find anything close enough to it to say what model might have been modified and I suspect that it might have been an older (phased out) model. Most of the screen shots I took show the bag open. But I did manage to snag a semi-non-fuzzy picture of part of the top flap, as well as a picture of the Diesel logo on the bag.

    The one flaw I found in the design of the bag in the movie was that it did little to protect the laptop screen when it was closed. According to the shots I have the screen would be laying against scratchy bits and could fold down over pockets which (if containing anything) would press against the screen. Great in a movie, not so great in Real Life.

    Here are all the (better) screen shots I took of the bag:

    I’m looking at designing a similar bag for my Asus EEE 901 (a bag about the same size as the one in the movie), and another design that would accommodate two laptops.

    – Squidly1

  18. Ben says:

    thanks for those screenshots!!!

    but i havent yet seen it on sites such as e bay, amazon or typing the bag in google on a shopping page.

    as for the sreen getting scratched…im sure there is a way around it…makbe some sort of laptop screen cover??

    want the bag bad!!!

  19. Michael says:

    This guy has some good screen grabs of the bag, bu doesn;t indicate what model Diesel bag it is?

    Has anyone found something close to this for sale?


  20. macuser69 says:
    i was hunting for it and thats it, no thanx needed

  21. william says:

    i want one too, i have a small acer laptop, i guess close to the little one like he had, (btw, does anyone know exactly what kind of laptop he had in there?)

    anyways, i suppose the best thing to do if you REALLLLLLLY wanted to know is to somehow find a way to contact the people in charge of production of the props for that film…

    or find a similar case and maybe some light modification….


  22. virux says:

    i bought one from ebay..yepeeee…

  23. virux says:

    i got the bag..but there is no model number or anything..

  24. AJ says:

    Hey Virux, can you take some more pictures of it open and such? It sould be appreciated.

  25. virux says:

    add me up share pic it in Y.M to lazy to upload it

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