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[UPDATED] iLife ’07 and iWork ’07 show up on Amazon

Posted by Helper Monkey

MacWorld Goof up 2007. This time Amazon is the one to steal Apple’s thunder, pre-announcing new versions of both iLife and iWork a week before the MacWorld Keynote.

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Sure, we all pretty much expected these updates, but it’s nice to see the tradition of MacWorld spoilers via third parties continue. Details from Amazon are slim (although they have their ASIN numbers). While the price and features of these apps are unknown, we CAN tell you they each weigh 1 pound. How’s that for a juicy bit of info?


EDIT: Amazon has changed the listings, thus likely confirming they were not supposed to post the iLife/iWork ’07 DVDs yet. The names have now been changed to Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #1 [Mac] ” and “Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #3 [Mac] ” respectively (odds are the family pack versions of each make up announcements 2 and 4). It is interesting to note that while Amazon changed the name, they still left in the limited info, such as that these “MacWorld Announcements” will ship on DVD-ROM. It is also interesting to note that apparently Amazon has a copy of the order of the MacWorld Keynote Announcements.

EDIT 2: The links have now been completely removed from Amazon’s site, along with the link for .Mac ’07.

10 Responses to “[UPDATED] iLife ’07 and iWork ’07 show up on Amazon”
  1. Mike in NH says:

    Didn’t Amazon do this before, with the iPod or the shuffle or something?
    Apple should be getting good and pissed!

  2. Dan says:

    I think Apple should punish Amazon for this by making them give away iLife and iWork ’07 for FREE! 😀

  3. Chris says:

    I don’t think ilife and iworks is a huge giveaway for apple, they released iLife 05, 06 most of us know 07 and 08 will come along too 🙂

    If you seen an Apple iPhone or 12.3″ macbook pro on amazon.com before apple released, then they might be pissed!

  4. Chris,

    It’s not so much that these products are coming out that is the story, it is that the odds are Amazon was not supposed them before Apple announced them.

    -The Doc

  5. MacRaven says:

    This isn’t spilling anything.
    There is an iLife update and usually an iWork up date EVERY year at MWSF, that’s why the applications suffix has had a year after it — it’s a YEARLY upgrade announced (so far) like clockwork at Macworld.

    Pay attention.

  6. Mike in NH says:

    Macraven, I disagree.
    they are listing a product that does not officially exist. It is not on Apple’s site. what is the point of posting the links to products you cannot buy, with no description, 5 days before they are likely to be announced?

    It gains Amazon no revenue. It makes Apple look like they can’t control their partners (again), the timing is too coincidental to not mean it is being released at MacWorld. It is a goof. Not products I personally care about, but a goof just the same.

  7. NewMac Old Guy says:

    I run several e commerce sites, and the reason that they are listed before they exist is simple. Google and Yahoo indexing, along with all of their “search engine variations”. We do the same thing all the time, our outside cut off time is 6 months, but normally 90 days to get indexed and posted for position.

  8. NewMac Old Guy says:

    P.S. The products and pages have to be “published” before they can be indexed by googlebot and the other “bots”, no etailer would let code inside their internal build, only published code. If we were selling iLife or iWork, we would have it up already too…

  9. Mike in NH says:

    that’s silly.
    Odds are there will be an updated iMac, iPod, MacBook, etc too .

    Those aren’t listed on Amazon yet. Just the current model.

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