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Apple removes iPod nano MySpace Profiles

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Looks like the nano is too cool for MySpace.

Starting Tuesday evening, Apple began sending not-so-subtle hints out to MySpace users who had added the 5 iPod nano MySpace profiles to their buddy lists that the nanos would be leaving, possibly going back to their home planet of Cybertron. Apple added these profiles back in October to promote the new colored nanos, and they had each amassed a sizable amount of “friends” over the months (over 80,000 for the Pink model).

Each of the 5 models (bluenano, pinknano, greennano, blacknano, and silvernano) sent out a sad final bulletin, with such minimalist messages as “Farewell…”, “Good-bye…” and “So Long…”, as well as an image which linked users to the iTunes Store Front page. All 5 profiles are now gone.

For those MySpace users feeling nano withdrawal, you may take some solace in knowing the product red nano still has a page (although this is not an official Apple sponsored page).

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  1. N (P) R says:

    Thanks for the plug

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