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Free on iTunes: Sesame Street’s “Learn Along With Sesame”

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

free sesame street videos on itunes

For those of you wishing the PBS episodes of shows available on iTunes were free, you have (almost) gotten your wish.

Apple and Sesame Workshop have made available 4 free epsiodes of a new series entitled “Learn Along With Sesame“. Each episode covers a different topic, such as ” Happy Healthy Ready for School” (Elmo gets ready for School), “Music Works Wonders” (Elmo and Hoots put on a concert), “You Can Ask” (discussions on fear, bullying), and “Lead Away” (explaining the dangers of lead poisoning). Episodes range in length from 13 minutes to 43 minutes.

Although the Public Broadcast System usually brings us the lovable Sesame Muppets, these episodes seem to bypass the PBS network entirely, as each is sponsored by a different corporation/organization.

These are worth downloading even if you don’t have kids, just to hear how much the voices have changed since YOU were little (Ernie in particular disturbs me).

From iTunes:

Join your favorite Sesame Street characters as they learn, play, and grow. Elmop and his friends explore an exciting range of topics, from getting ready for school to discovering the wonders of learning with music. So sing, dance, and “Learn along with Sesame.”

You can download the epsides here.

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