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Microsoft’s promotional Zune MP3s encoded using iTunes 6

Posted by Dr. Macenstein


Faithful Macenstein reader rico has returned from his sabbatical to bring us this gem he discovered while cruising around

It seems Microsoft (and more specifically, the Zune division) have teamed up with Artist Direct for a Zune promotion which offers 35 free downloadable MP3 tracks (no registration required). The free tracks include artists such as Weird Al, Tom Waits, Tegan and Sara, The Postmarks, Spoon, Postal Service, Barenaked Ladies and more. What’s more, you do not need a Zune to play the tracks, they will work just fine on any MP3 player, especially the iPod.

Why the iPod in particular? Well, it seems that these free MP3’s (which are being given away to specifically promote the Zune) are in fact encoded using iTunes 6 (see the TAG below).

Above: the Tag from the free Barenakedladies track “Easy” off the “Glen gould Live CD“.To view this info, simply open an MP3 in a text program, such as Text Edit (or you could wuss out and do a Get Info in iTunes).

So thanks to Bill Gates and our friends at Microsoft for the free tracks, we’re loading them on our iPod nano as we type. And thanks for confirming what the world already suspected, namely, iTunes is the preferred music player on any platform, even in Redmond.

Above: Yes, that is an iTunes ad next to the Zune promotion.

7 Responses to “Microsoft’s promotional Zune MP3s encoded using iTunes 6”
  1. Rawhead Rex says:

    Say what you will about Microsoft, but they were smart enough to not upgrade to iTunes 7.

  2. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Breakfast by the Mattress’s track was encoded with itunes 7.

  3. Way Cool Jr. says:

    some of these are really old, itunes 4!

  4. Big Momma says:

    I like how there are ads for iTunes and iPods surrounding the songs. Microsoft can’t catch a break!

  5. Theo says:

    Second on the iTunes ad on the Zune page … have a screenshot if you want it 😀 HILARIOUS!

  6. The Joneses says:

    “Add”? Is someone a MySpace junkie? LOL

  7. Haha, Jonseses, yes, and thanks. Fixed now.
    -The Doc

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