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Review: MicroGlove for iPod with video by XtremeMac

Posted by Lab Rat

Microglove case for iPod

If you are anything like us, by now you own more than one iPod. Also, if you are anything like us, you are being much more careful with your 2nd (or 3rd) iPod than your first, having quickly learned the hard way about the iPod’s tendency to become covered in scratches (seemingly while you are asleep). The search for a good protective case depends entirely on how you use your iPod. Joggers, for instance, will prefer a different case than someone who simply listens to music at their desk all day; business travelers will have different protective needs than teenagers, etc.

The MicroGlove line of iPod cases from XtremeMac is the rare breed of iPod accessory that fits into almost any iPod user’s lifestyle. Stitched together from a mixture of neoprene and microsuede, the Microglove is both stylish and rugged. XtremeMac makes versions of the MicroGlove for both the nano and iPod with video. We tested the video model with a 60 GB iPod, although the same case can hold the 30 and 80GB models as well.


The MicroGlove is a very sturdy and well-made case which should please even the most demanding iPod users. The tough, durable microsuede material found on the front of the MicroGlove comes in 4 colors (pink, green, red, and grey) with contrasting colored stitching which ads a very sporty look. The back of the case is constructed from a black neoprene material which can expand slightly to accommodate iPods of different thicknesses, yet once inside the material contracts to hold them secure. There is a velcro enclosure on the bottom of the MicroGlove which is the secret to the tight fit. Additionally, there is a removable carabiner which allows you to clip the Microglove to a belt or pocketbook.

Microglove case for iPod
Above: The included carabiner allows for the MicroGlove to be clipped to a belt or purse.

The MicroGlove provides full iPod protection. There are two “play through” plastic shields on the front of the case; one protects the screen, the other the click wheel. We found the screen protector did an excellent job protecting the iPod against attacks from car keys, pens, and worse during a one-week stint inside a fairly unorganized purse. We were also pleased that the screen cover did not add any noticeable glare to the video screen.

The click wheel cover allowed for excellent tactile response with the iPod’s controls, something we were worried about initially. However, where the MicroGlove’s rectangular screen protector’s plastic covering is smooth and tight, the circular plastic covering of the click wheel protector is a bit loose-feeling. This is likely do do the circular stitching in manufacturing, and while it in no way hampers the responsiveness of the clickwheel, it felt a bit odd, sort of like an air bubble was trapped inside.


Many cases that provide the level of protection of the MicroGlove do so at the expense of usability. The MicroGlove does a good job of letting you keep your iPod safe while still making it easy to charge the iPod and access the HOLD button. There is a cutout on the bottom of the MicroGlove that allows an iPod charging cable to be attached without removing the case (although if you have the carabiner attached, this become s a bit trickier). Like most cases, using an iPod Dock requires removing the iPod from the MicroGlove. The Hold switch does not have a cutout, but thanks to the neoprene material at the top of the MicroGlove, you can easily use your fingernail to manipulate the Hold switch through the case.

Microglove case for iPod

Final Thoughts

The rugged construction, sporty look, fun colors, and great all-around protection make the MicroGlove an excellent choice for iPod users of all kinds. Priced at $24.95, the MicroGlove comes in about $5 cheaper than most of its competitors, and provides a great value in addition to great protection.

MicroGlove for iPod with video by XtremeMac

Pros: Great looks, very well made, provides total iPod protection (including screen and clickwheel, available in multiple colors

Scroll wheel plastic did not fit as snugly as it could

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  1. Burchill says:

    I have this for my nano, love it!

  2. Marco says:

    I love the MicroGlove, I have 2 now, one for my video ipod and one for the nano. Nice review.

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