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Apple releases iTunes 7.1.1 update to fix library-destroying 7.1 update

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Apple today has responded to reports from users of lost or corrupted music libraries after installing last week’s iTunes 7.1 update by releasing iTunes 7.1.1.

Apple claims the update “addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems in iTunes 7.1.” While those of us who recently lost our iTunes libraries and were forced to rebuild from backups may not consider those problems minor (I for one now have over 14,000 songs need to be re-rated) it’s good to see a quick response on Apple’s part.

The 27.5MB update is available via software update or by clicking here.

5 Responses to “Apple releases iTunes 7.1.1 update to fix library-destroying 7.1 update”
  1. Dave M. says:

    I back up daily, but it sounds like that wouldn’t help me if something happened to my library and I didn’t notice it until 2 or more days later.

    Looks like I am going to have to create a second backup specifically for iTunes and have it rotate backups so I have a few days if not a weeks worth of backups.

    I may also have to hold off on updating software until maybe a week after the update is released. Just to play it safe.

    I have nearly the same number of songs and videos and would be very unhappy if I lost all that ratings and play count data.

  2. kimhill says:

    For important data, you need a multi-generation backup. Not just iTunes, but for everything that you can’t afford to lose.

  3. Dave M. says:

    kimhill, I agree. However, until Leopard comes out, I’m stuck with a single generation. I just haven’t found a decent tool that does multi-generation and is easy to select the data that needs to be backed up with a good scheduling system.

  4. bronte says:

    i need to reinstall itunes 7.1.1 and i have absolutly mo way of doing it can you help the computer is a osx 10.6.4 macbook

  5. I'd buy THAT for a dollar! says:

    WOW! how’d you get a leaked copy of 10.6.4?!?!

    that shouldn’t be out until 2011!

    What can it do?
    (sorry, I’m an unhelpful wise ass….)

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