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Apple TV gameplay confirmed?

Posted by Helper Monkey

The good folks over at MacScoop have poked around the latest iTunes update and come up with some pretty convincing evidence of gameplay functionality in the upcoming Apple TV.

Rumors have predicted that Apple TV would have some game playing capability, and it now appears that will be the case. Odds are, since iTunes is apparently being used to sync the games with the Apple TV, the games available will include those currently offered via the iTunes store (we can’t see Apple offering two separate gaming sections to the iTS, one for iPods, one for Apple TV). We’ve always wondered why Apple hasn’t made the iPod games playable in iTunes, and perhaps we will soon get our wish. One possible reason we came up with was perhaps the iPod games were not graphically scalable to support large monitors, but if the HD Apple TV can play games, then this is likely not the case. If true, it would also stand to reason that the USB 2 port on the Apple TV may serve as a port for an external game controller, as many have guessed.

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