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Now THAT’S a memory leak!

Posted by Helper Monkey

Running After Effects 7 (in Rosetta) on a Mac Pro with 4 GB of RAM.

4 Responses to “Now THAT’S a memory leak!”
  1. init says:

    Is that 16GB?!
    I’m mathematically challenged.

  2. Count Macula says:

    I don’t get it. How can it use 156% of the CPU?

  3. Rei Moralis says:

    On the dual core systems the percentage is based off of 1 cpu core, so that means that the program is using the full power of 1 core, as well as 56% of the other core, if that makes sense.

  4. MatzeMillion says:

    same with LogicPro here. Whenever Logic hits the 2GB, Ram usage jumps to 16.777.216TB (yes terabytes!!)

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