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Which came first, The Apple or the Jeans?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein


Back when Apple’s highly controversial Eminem commercial was accused of ripping off another product’s ad campaign (Lugz footware) we reluctantly sided with Lugz, pointing out that the Lugz ads had been so famous for so long it would have been unlikely for ad execs to have never seen it. However, now we think we are being faced with the exact opposite situation, and we would like to renew our Apple Fanboyism by defending Apple.

We were in the Apple Store yesterday and noticed they had the latest ad for Apple’s iPod Shuffle running on a continuous loop on all the MacBooks. If you haven’t seen it, the ad more or less consists of different peoples’ torsos (with iPod Shuffles clipped on) changing into the next Shuffle-wearing person as they remove clothing. (see below).

While it is a nice effect, it reminded us of a Levi’s ad we had seen recently titled “Dangerous Liaisons” (from UK ad agency BBH London ). The ad follows a young couple from the 1920’s or so as they attempt to undress and “get their groove on”. Each time they attempt to remove their clothing, they reveal clothing/hair/makeup from the next decade, until they reach good ol’ 2007 and hit skin. (see below)

As near as we can tell, The Apple Shuffle ads debuted on or around November 20th, 2006. We can’t seem to find out the exact date for the Levi’s ad, but it appears to be from early February 2007.

Being on the fringes of the creative television field ourselves, we realize there are only a finite number of ideas out there, and almost everything is derivative of something, but Levi’s use of removing clothes as wipes to reveal more clothes seems somewhat more than “inspired”. While we feel that Levi’s perhaps put the effect to a more creative (and re-watchable) use, we’re still calling “foul”. This is at least as much of a copy as the Lugz ads, in our humble opinion. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Which came first, The Apple or the Jeans?”
  1. New Levi's Fan says:

    That Levi’s ad is awesome.
    I wish it was on here in the US.

  2. Josh says:

    Sure, they’re similar. The Levi’s ad may even be inspired by the Apple one. Big deal. They’re different enough that I wouldn’t have even noticed.

  3. Neil says:

    Yeah, I am going to agree with Josh. You can draw similarities all you want, but it is hard to prove that they are intentional. I for one think that the Levi’s ad is creative and interesting. The Apple ad is also cool. But they are different enough to where I would not call “foul”.

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