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First 3rd-party app for iPhone appears on Apple’s site

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Faithful Macenstein reader John claims to have found what he thinks may be the first 3rd party app designed for the iPhone to make its way onto Apple’s site.

Scenario Poker by Scenario Software is a Texas Hold ’em poker game in the form of a widget that lists among its features the line “Designed for the size of iPhone’s touch screen”. It seems to also support touch sensitive controls in addition to standard mouse click input methods.

Scenario Poker showing up on Apple’s Widget page and listing iPhone compatibility may not necessarily mean that Apple has blessed the application for the iPhone. It is possible this may just be a display of optimism on the part of Scenario Software. Apple has to date not shown any non-Apple applications/Widgets running on the iPhone.Thanks John!

13 Responses to “First 3rd-party app for iPhone appears on Apple’s site”
  1. neven says:

    Odd. It would be really, really weird if a poker game were the first 3rd party app for iPhone. Really weird.

  2. flynn says:

    First of all, calling a widget an application is already quite a stretch imo.
    And second, why is a developer putting out a widget that’s 480×320 newsworthy *at all*? Because he hopes it will run on the iPhone without any further tweaking?

  3. Ralph Wiggum says:

    That looks more like an application than most widgets do. I think all widgets will now be built 480×132 in hopes of Apple opening up the iPhone.

  4. Mike H. says:

    this software has made those ambitious claims since a few days after the iPhone was announced. its not to be taken seriously.

  5. widgetboy says:

    i think this is an immensely serious discovery, and should therefore be taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

  6. frissy says:

    Well the check “tapping” works on any mac laptop touchpad…

    So just the dimensions are the same, and tapping works on touchpads. Oh yeas, iphone…oh yes…not.

  7. Ante Vukorepa says:

    The “tap” has nothing to do with touch sensitivity… it’s the sound you make when gesturing a “check” on a poker table.

    So all in all, the only thing this is – is a normal widget the author claims to fit iPhone’s display resolution.

  8. Ralph says:

    Maybe the touch stuff is for the 2 people who own those touch-sensative ModBook Pros.

  9. anderson says:

    Ante, no, Scenario clearly means the iPhone, their site says as much. But I don’t think they have any agreement with Apple yet, they are just doing it this way because they know Apple has to eventually open it up to developers, and don’t want to write the app twice.

  10. MaceX says:

    Office, give us the option to run the full native Office on the iPhone.

    Now, couple that with wireless presentations and you will have the ultimate presentation tool on your hand: the iPhone.

    Of course, booting a full Mac OS X.

  11. msciaudone says:

    That’s cool. Also check out the following link/photo. This will be an application to run on the iPhone in summer in Beta. It is currently in development. It will not be a Widget.

  12. Anon says:

    From their webiste: “Note that Apple’s iPhone is scheduled for release in June. Apple has not yet disclosed plans to allow third-party widget development for the iPhone.”

    Don’t get your hopes up

  13. Jonathan says:

    This is great news even if it is done without explicit aproval from Apple. I think that if enough developers clammor for the opportunity to develop 3rd party apps then Apple will open up. I personally think this is an Apple tactic to do just that. I work for a company that develops a phone recording app for Windows mobile and I’d love to port it to the iPhone.

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