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Apple and Howard Stern to (almost kinda sorta) Collaborate

Posted by iGor

Ok, so maybe not DIRECTLY. But by applying the “6 degrees of separation” model to a MacNN story, we can draw a tenuous link between the two. MacNN is reporting that Apple will be partnering with the Full Sail media college in their Project LaunchBox initiative. Apple will be supplying over 4000 of Full Sail’s students with a MacBook Pro and Final Cut Studio to help the students create music, film, games, animation and design.

“Apple has proven over time to be a pioneer and a leader in the creative industries, making its products and solutions the obvious choice for Full Sail,” said Garry Jones, President of Full Sail. “With a MacBook Pro and powerful software such as Final Cut Studio, Project LaunchBox enables students to express unique stories digitally without limits.”

OK, that’s great you say, but where’s the connection to Howard Stern? Well, as everyone familiar with the show knows, J. D. Harmeyer, the lovable-yet-socially awkward young man who pretty much watches TV for a living, graduated from Full Sail. Howard often jokes that J.D. is the most famous Full Sail graduate, despite his job merely consisting of operating 3 TiVos…

In truth, Full Sail is actually a very good (and expensive) school for those looking to enter the digital media field, although Howard may have a point. A quick look at the list of notable graduates is a veritable “Who’s Who of ‘Who is that?'”. While there is no doubt most graduates have gone on to do bigger and better (and certainly more creative) things than J.D., they are not exactly household names. Likely more people are familiar with J.D. Harmeyer than successful graduates such as Michelle Sabolchick, (who worked with Gwen Stefani and Joan Osbourne), or David Farmer (who worked on Lord of the Rings and King Kong films).

However, if Apple had decided to give J.D. a MacBook Pro 6 years ago when he was in school, there’s no telling where he might be now. Odds are, he’d probably be directing Spider-Man 4.

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  1. Way Cool III says:

    But instead, I’M directing Spider-Man 4.

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