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Change the color of your iPod’s font… just because you can

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Everyone loves the iPod, but the one thing everyone agrees is stopping it from achieving TOTAL market domination is the font color Apple uses on the menus. Yes, a blue title bar and black text have likely turned off millions of potential buyers. If only there were some way to solve this problem and save Apple from itself…

Oh wait! Now there is! omfgkm over at claims to have found a relatively painless way to hack a video iPod that allows you to change not only the title bar color and main menu font color, but also the secondary font color!! HOORAY!

OK, seriously we think this is kind of lame, and essentially it’s one of those hacks for the sake of seeing if you can hack it kind of things, but perhaps it will lead to something actually a little cooler, like using your photos as wallpaper or running OS X on it or something. And we never really have been fans of Apple’s not allowing for customization of the iPod (or OS X, for that matter), so we suppose this is a step in the right direction.

We just hope for Apple’s sake they weren’t saving the “Change your font color” as the big new feature of the next iPod in order to hold us all over until the widescreen video one drops (hopefully) later this year.

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