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Cracked copies of every iPod game hit the web

Posted by iGor

Has it been awhile since you did something geeky lately? Can’t remember the last time you “stuck it to the man”? Well, why not remedy BOTH travesties at once by installing cracked versions of all Apple’s iPod games on your iPod!

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t believe in capitalism and a free market economy, then this may be of interest. Forum member slus over at zomgstuff has posted links to cracked versions of all of games currently available on iTunes (even the new LOST game!), along with instructions on how to load them on your iPod using iPodWizard.

We haven’t tried it yet, as we certainly are not ones to condone such illegal behavior. However, as news people, we felt compelled to alert the public as to the whereabouts of the detailed and easy to follow directions on how to accomplish this, so that all law abiding citizens can avoid these pages. And for those straight shooters, we have thoughtfully provided a link to the games section of the iTunes store, so you may legally purchase the games, which as mentioned above, are free and easy to install.

But illegal.

10 Responses to “Cracked copies of every iPod game hit the web”
  1. Nitewing98 says:

    This is not journalism. It’s thinly-disguised promotion of illegal activity under the guise of journalism.

    C’mon, folks! Rip off a 4.99 game? How low can someone sink?

  2. iKnowMac says:

    Actually its $40 bucks. To some people $FREE.99 sounds better than $40. But i’ll be following the link to 🙂

  3. Adam says:

    ya I’m not to impressed with the forum either, i would like legit free games and i sure don’t want to be messing with my ipods firmware. not to mention that its probably a ploy from the people that own the site that you have to pay to sign up for do download.

  4. Gwazulu says:

    What happens to us living in Asia..that cannot get an i tunes store account.
    I have been a loyal user of mac and legit apple software for years…But I cannot buy music on the i tunes store.When is this issue gonna be solved.
    Macao china

  5. me says:

    hi again the link ipod goes to a site that sells ipod stuff, scam1 the link apple goes to amazon site that sells stuff scam2 the direction link goes to zomgstuff and so far i cant get it to do anything worthwhile scam3 abiding sit = amazon too mmmmm see a pattern? the last one “games goes to itunes itself. i was just wondering on how many people are thinking that free stuff exists? its scam scam and monopolization! what a nice word we live in.

  6. Random says:

    Common! If you want to be a “good person” as to “not breaking the law” and “legitimate.” Why are you here? Are you here to look for free games also? then stop pretending man! it stinks.

    @ author: thanks for trying. This helps a lot ^^

  7. Tom says:

    Hahaha, looks like most of you don’t know how to use google.
    Zomgstuff is not a scam, I used to use that hack from their site, but now the new games are out and are harder to mess with. Not to mention the Zomgstuff site isn’t being updated anymore.
    Btw, if you haven’t heard of torrents or warez, then you are definately under-experienced when it comes to finding cracks, hacks, mods, or any other illegitimate software.
    And just for the record, I enjoy modding as a hobby, I learn alot from it, & it keeps me from becoming ignorant like those of you who don’t understand it.

    I don’t care if it’s considered illegal, I enjoy the try before you buy method.

  8. HellRaider says:

    FUck apple and Fuck Laws

  9. Gloria says:

    I would like to put Chuzzle on my ipod touch 2.0. But I can’t get it to launch from main screen. Does anyone have this game on the firmware 2.X that works? I know people have had it working on the older firmwares, but I am having no luck. I did all the permission changes and still it loads and crashes right back to main screen. Do you have this game or can you help crack it? I have application folder if you like to have it and see what you can do.

  10. marc says:

    no sorry

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