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Creative Cow launches the “All Things Apple” podcast

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Creative cow has launched the “All Things Apple” podcast, covering news about… well, all things Apple.

Current episodes focus on news out of NAB, and discuss such topics as the new AJA IO HD card and some of the new developments with the Pro-Res codec. The show is hosted by Walter Biscardi, Creative Cow’s Creative Director (he sounds pretty creative), the only Final Cut Editor I know of who claims to have pitched a perfect game (or played a sport in general, for that matter).

Good stuff, check it out.

One Response to “Creative Cow launches the “All Things Apple” podcast”
  1. Kris says:

    They stole the name from me!!! WTF
    As you can see, my first podcast was on January 13th, almost 4 and a half months before thier first podcast

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