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Does that tree look familiar?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

I happened to be on the Adobe site today, and noticed that under their Kids Club tutorials for Premiere, there is a very familiar looking tree featured in their “How to create a slideshow for Class” feature.

Seems to me, the only thing Adobe is teaching children these days is PLAGIARISM! That’s right, I said it.

OK, maybe that’s a bit harsh. But still, it is a little suspect that when touting your application’s ability to produce photo slideshows, you use the icon of a competing product in your sample. Could Adobe have an iPhoto fan in its design department? I think so.

After all, out of the tens of millions of stock photos Adobe had available to choose from to create their 4-up sample image, what are the odds that one of them would be the same palm tree Apple has used as iPhoto’s iconic icon for so many years? I’ll tell you what the odds are, tens of millions to one! (or… four, I guess).

In the Instructions section for their tutorial, Adobe mentions ways to procure images for the slideshow: “Have students download images that have to do with their topic… or prepackaged CD ROMs… have them explore the Library of Congress’s collection of images, videos, and music… explore the images available at Nasa or any number of other sites.

Obviously, they forgot to mention the number one place to look for images, the Mac OS X Applications folder!

10 Responses to “Does that tree look familiar?”
  1. Phil McKraken says:

    ha ha! Nice to see Adobe’s designers are Mac users at least!

  2. Bob B says:

    Well, imitation is the sincerest form of making yourself look like a douche bag. Good one Adobe!

  3. Dave M. says:

    Excuse my ignorance here, but how is this plagiarism if the image is a stock photo? If Adobe wants to buy a stock photo that Apple bought, I don’t see a problem with that.

    We have seen examples of stock photo’s appearing in multiple places all over the place. Dell, HP, etc…

    If this is the worst thing that Adobe has ever done, I would say that Adobe is walking pretty tall.

  4. What, you’re sure that APPLE doesn’t buy rights to images that OTHERS can buy rights to as well? Nothing happening here that doesn’t happen non-stop around the world every second of every day for ANY company that buys images and RIGHTS to images…

  5. No, I know it isn’t plagiarism, I just thought it was funny (thus the humor category) that it was used to illustrate how nice Adobe’s photo slideshows can be, yet it would remind any Mac user of iPhoto, which they already have on their system.

    I guess I am actually more surprised that the tree picture Apple used is a stock photo in the first place. I would have thought Apple would have had an artist design the icon from scratch. A Palm tree silhouette is easy enough to do in Illustrator…

  6. John Dowdell says:

    heh, funny catch, thanks. Even if it’s stock, I think the person who designed that kids’ club tutorial would want to avoid using a photo someone else is using as an icon.

    Let me send it around to some of my partners, see if we can get some more background on it….


  7. Perhaps it’s the other way around, and Apple borrowed the picture from the Adobe site, and dropped a picture of a camera in front, thus obscuring part of the picture…?

    Or perhaps they both got the picture from another place, as yet undiscovered.

    Ether way, I’d say as there appears to be more detail on the Adobe side, that it looks worse for Apple, not Adobe.

  8. Grover says:

    I think its possible that they are actually two different photographs taken by two different photographers in the same place looking at the same thing at the same time of day in the same weather conditions, but just on different dates.

  9. Andrew says:

    STOCK PHOTO ANYONE! The style of the photo even looks like a stock photo. The only thing either company is guilty of is using the same stock photography distributor.

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