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Freeverse invites Freehand MX exiles to test out Lineform at a special price

Posted by Lab Rat

Fresh on the news that Adobe has decided to officially kill off Macromedia’s Freehand MX drawing tool and focus its development efforts on their Illustrator product line, comes news that Freeverse is inviting all FreeHand MX Mac users to evaluate Lineform, their excellent Apple Design Award-winning vector drawing program.

From now until June 1st, Freeverse is also offering a special cross-upgrade price for all FreeHand users. Simply enter the coupon code “freehand” when purchasing via the online store, and get Lineform for just $49.95, a nearly 40% savings! (Obviously, unscrupulous non-Freehand users can also take advantage of the deal as well).

Freehand MX normally sells for around $412 for a full license, and Illustrator costs $590, so for many Freehand artists feeling lost at the news, perhaps investing $50 in Lineform is not a bad idea. Users of Freehand and Illustrator will find Lineform’s interface instantly familiar, and Lineform boasts almost all the major features of the other apps (at least the ones people actually use, anyway). The future of Lineform’s development also appears bright.

There is a free Lineform demo on Freeverse’s site, and we recommend everyone check it out regardless of whether or not you plan to switch.

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