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Gameloft releases LOST video game for iPod

Posted by Helper Monkey

Gameloft has finally finished its much-talked about (well, in the mobile gadget industry, anyway) port of their LOST video game for iPod. The game is already available for mobile phones, but can now be picked up at the iTunes store, and the graphics look quite good, certainly the closest thing we’ve seen to a “real” game for the iPod.

The writers on the ABC show LOST (who have often been criticized for writing without an ending in mind) have apparently had so much free time that they were able to write a special story-line specifically for the game. If this game is anything like the show, you may really get your money’s worth. This game could potentially be like the Neverending Story, assuming the writers have no idea how to end this story-line either.

Click here to download LOST for your iPod now.

3 Responses to “Gameloft releases LOST video game for iPod”
  1. MacVortex says:

    I just rented the first couple of seasons of Lost. I love it and I’m hooked. I will definitely download this game. Thanks for the post.

  2. saeed says:

    i guess its an exciting game just like the tv serie

  3. james says:

    hands down the best ipod game it uses the click wheel to do certain things and the ghraphics are amazing! gr8 if u watch lost. btw, who criticized the writers for lost for not having an ending in mind? im pretty sure no one did and that they did have an ending.

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