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OK, well that was anti-climactic…

Posted by Helper Monkey

Apple took down the entire on-line Apple Store this morning for about 3 hours in order to basically put a larger hard drive in the MacBooks.


Well, to be fair, in addition to larger hard drives, the “new” consumer laptops (while keeping the same price point and styling as their predecessors) now also feature a whopping 0.16GHz speed increase. Apple has finally dropped the embarrassing configuration that shipped with only 512 MB of RAM, and swapped in their latest 802.11n AirPort cards across the line.

We’re all for upgrades of ANY kind, but this is certainly nothing to take the entire store down over, and almost doesn’t warrant making Apple’s front page. This is a speed bump at best, and while the MacBook now provides a better value for its price (especially the lowest configuration), this is not the kind of update any other computer company would make such a big deal over.

Oh well.

In the end, this is a nice upgrade for the MacBooks, but nothing that should make Joe Consumer rush out to the Apple Store if they weren’t already thinking of doing so, and nothing to make anyone who bought a MacBook last week cry (for too long, anyway).

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  1. Wes says:

    Yeah, where’s the price drop/feature bump on the Mac Pro I’ve been waiting all year for… and no I don’t consider the 8 core one to meet those requirements.

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