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They Might Be Giants’ new album “The Else” to be iTunes exclusive

They Might be Giants have announced their new album, entitled “The Else” will be an iTunes exclusive (for a couple months, anyway). The album will hit stores on July 10th, but will be an iTunes exclusive starting May 15th.

According to TMBG’s John Flansburgh, “The iTunes exclusive we are told will drop on May 15. Now, we are a small fish in that very big pond, and we’re just reporting the promises that have been made to us right now, but that’s what we’ve been told! The real physical album, which is a deluxe package including some amazing photographs by artist Marcel Dzama, will also include a full length bonus disc that compiles some new rarities as well as some hi-fi versions of some podcast favorites. All in all it’s 13 songs that we are very proud of, and we suspect y’all will dig it too.

So, if you are a big The Might Be Giants fan, odds are you’ll want to wait for the physical CD to hit shelves. However, if you are a big They Might Be Giants fan, odds are you won’t be able to wait that long, knowing you could hear the album 2 months early. We know we’ll probably be buying it twice.

9 Responses to “They Might Be Giants’ new album “The Else” to be iTunes exclusive”
  1. Particle Man says:

    What’s interesting here is that TMBG sell DRM-free, high quality MP3’s of their albums on their own site, so this iTunes deal is a bit of a departure for them. Odd for them to lock themselves out of what is sure to be a higher commission…

  2. Andrew Shell says:

    I hope this one is better then “The Spine”

  3. John Doe says:

    In other news… the day before the iTunes launch… the full NON DRM album is posted for free on Bit Torrent.

  4. Malcolm Crum says:

    If the album is available without DRM, as some iTunes tracks should be soon, then I will make my first iTunes store purchase.

  5. Dr. Worm says:

    Good morning, how are you?

    An appropriate posting date for this story, given it’s JohnF’s birthday! I only know this because it’s also my birthday (and because I’m interested in things)!

    Happy Birthday Flansy (I’m sure he’ll see that here)

    Dr. Worm
    (not a real doctor)

  6. nice to see some new stuff

  7. Nick says:

    i got it already!

  8. Is itunes going to feature it in some way?

  9. me says:

    the cd comes out in stores on july tenth. the album is itunes exclusive….. for a few months

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