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Apple uses Leopard Preview to take passive-aggressive shot at Microsoft

Posted by iGor

Steve Jobs is truly a master at delivering jabs and Microsoft (or as he affectionately calls them, “Our friends in Redmond“). While some are subtle, others can be more direct. Remember when Apple hung up those WWDC banners this last year which read “Redmond, Start Your Photocopier”? That was pretty straightforward. Steve was flat out saying that Microsoft’s developers would try to steal as many features from Leopard as they could before launching their Vista operating system.

Well, now it seems Steve and Co. (or, Our Friends in Cupertino) are at it again, this time using Leopard itself to take a more subtle pot shot at Microsoft. Faithful Macenstein reader The Temp sent us a link that showcases one of Leopard’s newest features, the Shared Group in the Leopard’s new Finder sidebar.

When Steve demoed the feature, we noticed that when browsing computers on your network, the new Finder now displays a visual representation of the type of computer you are connecting to. For instance, if you connect to an iMac, an iMac’s icon appears. A black MacBook, a black MacBook will appear. Pretty cool.

Well, a foreign developer has posted an image which can only be described as passive aggressive behavior at its finest. Apparently when connecting to a Windows PC, the icon that shows up is a rather unstylish beige monitor (in the past Apple has frequently lambasted Windows PC’s as being merely ‘”beige boxes”) with the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” on its display.

What could Apple be trying to say here? 🙂

[UPDATE:] From the MacRumors forums, an enlarged copy of the Windows share icon.

52 Responses to “Apple uses Leopard Preview to take passive-aggressive shot at Microsoft”
  1. Dremm says:

    The icone is really funny, but when I install Leopard recently, there wasn’t any difference with the blue screen of Windows.

    Mac is cool but Windows got is strength too and maybe is you knew how to use it, you might say the same.

    For the last 3 years, I’ve been running both Mac and Windows and they both rarely crash.

  2. dujelly says:

    I would not insult anybody,
    but I think you’re all discussing a very miserable thing in respect to freedom

    let’s start use your neurons to discuss about freedom and things like drm, or simply shut the fuck up and find another business

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