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FireFox downloads “World’s Fastest Browser” faster than the “World’s Fastest Browser”

Posted by Helper Monkey

Faithful Macenstein reader Gandolf the Pink sent us this screenshot he took comparing the download speed of FireFox and the newly released Safari 3 beta.

Gandolf’s sense of irony is well defined, as the test file both browsers were downloading at the same time was the Safari 3 beta .DMG from Apple’s site.

In our own tests, we didn’t notice this to be the case, both browsers seemed to download at roughly the same speed, so maybe it was Gandalf’s system. Still, it is pretty funny to think that Safari can’t download itself faster than the competition.

8 Responses to “FireFox downloads “World’s Fastest Browser” faster than the “World’s Fastest Browser””
  1. Jason says:

    This might be funny except for the fact that he started the firefox download first. It is only one point in time but if you look at the download rate (besides being quite slow on both) it is 40 KB/sec on safari and 30 KB/sec on firefox. This seems backwards for something that was much faster. He probably just started the firefox download 2-3 minutes before the safari and then took the screen snapshot.

    A simple way to get a lot of attention.

  2. Rei says:

    Anyone notice that the firefox download is actually going at 40KB/s whereas the safari one is downloading at 30KB/s?

  3. noneya says:

    I just tried that test with the Windows versions of FF and Safari…

    FF 38.092 seconds
    Safari 37.892 seconds

    You were saying?

    It’s pathetic that people are so filled with hate these days they feel the need to pull a “Rather” and fabricate things to deceive others… If you like FF, use it. However I suspect you just hate Apple.

    BTW, I’ve yet to experience a crash, or any hiccups for that matter, with Safari 3 on Tiger or XP. It does seem a little peppier on XP, though the PC is a 3800+ AMD x2 vs a 2 ghz iMac G5. I’m sure that would be the reverse on a Core 2 Duo Mac.

  4. MrX says:

    The claim that Safari 3 is faster than Firefox 2 is based on PAGE RENDERING, not file downloading.

  5. Semiconducted says:

    I don’t care how fast Firefox can do downloads. It can’t even scroll down a page properly.

  6. Terrin says:

    That is a silly test. Different factors go into download speeds. First, the server your downloading something from might not be sending the file to you at the same speed as another file. In this case there is no way of knowing if your getting the two files from the same Apple server and if they are being send at the same speed (it is not like Apple has one server). Second, when your network is slow generally one file will be given preference over another, even though both will download. That may explain why the browsers are downloading at difference speeds. Third, often your computer will favor the file that started downloading first.

  7. imajoebob says:

    And no matter how you slice it, Safari is really pretty and Firefox is butt ugly.

    Or to put it more useful terms, looking at Firefox for a long time is a lot more taxing than Safari. And that can affect productivity much more than marginal download speeds and page renderings.

  8. gantock says:

    why is butt associated with ugliness? are you american or what?
    so, quit the crap and tell me, folks, which one is the really fastest browser!
    dont bore me with safari and firefox and those craps, there MUST be better ones!
    ACE BROWSER , f.e. isnt bad at all, so: THINK!

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