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Get it while you can: DivX Pro Mac is free, today only

Posted by Lab Rat

For reasons known only to DivX, you can download the pro version of DivX for free, today only. All that seems to be required is a valid e-mail address to e-mail the serial number to, and you’re set.

DivX Pro Mac contains the free DivX player, as well as DivX Converter (which allows you to create DivX movies with custom settings, batch support, and html export), and the DivX Pro Codec (which allows for exporting DivX Pro movies out of QuckTime Pro.

Download it here, and spread the word!

7 Responses to “Get it while you can: DivX Pro Mac is free, today only”
  1. Thanks for the tip, downloaded and installed DivX Pro!

  2. liam says:

    thanks for this! i posted this on my blog and downloaded it!

  3. ktvyeow says:

    Thanks..!! Awesome find..

  4. Dave Donohue says:

    Ditto. Going to download it for the MBP now. Thanks!

  5. Perhaps they are trying to gather more support? Seems to be working.

  6. Yong Hwee says:

    Thanks for this!

  7. lewis says:

    Whats the advantage of using DIVX PRO to create better looking videos? Why not just use H264 in Quicktime. Isnt the quality the same?. I converted my video from Imovie to Quicktime then to DIVX then to Youtube and it didnt look any better than using only H264 to Quicktime then to YOUTUBE.

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