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Get your own Mac OS X Leopard Wallpaper

Posted by Helper Monkey

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When Steve Jobs demoed Leopard this past Monday, the one question that jumped to many a Mac user’s minds was, “Why is he using a Windows Vista desktop background?

The soothing green grass wallpaper Steve used in the demo certainly IS reminiscent of those found in Microsoft’s latest OS (and given the ridiculous criticisms in the press comparing the 2 OS’s, perhaps Steve is kicking himself a little for choosing it) but of course it is not an exact rip. Apple has had a “Nature” folder full of similar pictures in the Desktops System Prefs since before Windows XP, so no one should really be calling “foul” here.

If you found yourself falling in love with the Leopard wallpaper, but weren’t able to snag your WWDC developer build, you can still get yourself a copy to make the wait ’till October easier to handle. Right now a number of sites have it for download (See here, and here). Formatted for the 30-inch display, it measures a whopping 2500×1600 pixels, and is sure to make your Mac look futuristic (well, for the next 4 months anyway).

Thanks to faithful Macenstein readers Paul and Way Cool Jr. for the Tips.

9 Responses to “Get your own Mac OS X Leopard Wallpaper”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    I admit I didn’t like it all that much when I first saw it, but it has grown on me. (although I am hoping for some more understated “design” oriented desktops as well.)

  2. Ed says:

    I like it, but i hope they have another default wallpaper in October.

  3. Emoryu says:

    It looks better. The nature look that is. It looks better on a Mac. Always has, always will. I’m actually intentionally waiting to get a MacBook Pro until Leopard is released. I’m switching from Windows. The look of Mac OS X Leopard Verison 10.5.0 actually made me put my foot down on the matter. Windows ripped on Mac first… and Apple keeps Mac 3 giant leaps ahead of Windows.

  4. tats says:

    cool , i really love mac os x wallpaper since JAGUAR…..

  5. Brendan says:

    The nature feel, and I suppose, the greener feel, seems to fit well with the idea of the new software. But also, the new space wallpaper is pretty neat too. Some innovative thinking there, as always.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i want a leopard wallpaper

  7. i have all 3 wallpapers if anyone wants em

  8. Utzaki says:

    It’s funny how you apple fanbois force urself to like it just coz it’s Apple.
    I’m an Apple fan myself, but honestly I never like this wallpaper. Fortunately Apple changed it with the much more charming default wallpaper. I love it better 😀

  9. Huzza says:

    I hate that wallpaper with a passion. Since I saw it, until today…

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