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How To Network with Steve Jobs

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Steve Jobs is a very powerful player in both the tech industry and Hollywood. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily network in his social circles? Well, now you can!

LinkedIn is an online networking community of over 11 million business professionals in all walks of life. Think of it as a “MySpace” for people with jobs. And speaking of Jobs, guess who has an entry?

A professional colleague of of mine (who I met via networking on LinkedIn) pointed me to a listing for a certain Steve Jobs, who claims to be COB at Apple Inc.

Now, I have no delusions that this is definitively the “real” Steve Jobs’ profile. After all, there’s a Steve Jobs profile on almost every social networking site out there. However, the fact that LinkedIn is used by some very legitimate players in the tech industry (for instance, Mark Sylvester, founder of Alias Wavefront), and the fact that there are monthly membership fees mean this profile has a better chance of being Steve Jobs than this one does.

So whether this is the real Steve Jobs, or the fake one, why not take a chance and “friend him up”? After all, Steve claims to be interested in receiving:

• job inquiries
• expertise requests
• business deals
• reference requests
as well as just
• getting back in touch

with lost colleagues. This could be your ticket to landing the dream job of a lifetime!

For any skeptics left out there, Steve claims to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area and be in the “Computer Hardware” industry as well. With inside info like that, how could it NOT be him?

2 Responses to “How To Network with Steve Jobs”
  1. Steve Wozniak says:

    it’s definitely him. No question.

  2. Quinn Taylor says:

    Except for there’s another Steve Jobs in the internal directory at Apple. I also think that “The Steve” has been working there longer than since December 2006…. Sorry, WoZ.

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