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Mac Pr0n: We gots us 2 eight-core Mac Pros with 16 GB each!

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Hooray for us!

Macenstein Labs just got in two 8-Core 3GHz Mac Pros, each loaded with 16GB of RAM! Finally, we can have more than 3 Dashboard widgets running and still run Safari!

Below are some pics of our unpacking and RAM installation for our fellow geeks who like seeing this sort of thing. (Oh, and yes, that’s a new 30-inch Cinema Display back there too. The other Mac Pro will be stuck with a lowly 23-incher.)

Above: Undressing them slowly…

Above: Mmmmm… that’s 32GB of RAM in them there boxes, folks! (Yes, we’d like to pretend we could afford 32GB of Apple-installed RAM, but no, we had to go 3rd party).

Above: 2GBs a DIMM. We went with EDGE.

Above: We plan to mainly surf the web and write e-mails on these machines, but one system we plan to also use iMovie on, so we got the ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB card and two 500GB drives.

Above: Nothing overly cool in this one.

Above: Do you even have to be a geek to appreciate the beauty of this photograph?!? That’s four completely filled riser cards… 16GB each!

Above: I can’t wait to see these things runs Word!

Above: Ahh, that’s me, the good Doctor, proudly posing with my two babies in the Lab.

Above: Hmm… Anyone want to buy the original Mac Pro RAM that shipped in these? We have 2GB (two sets of two 512MB DIMMS), never used, Apple installed.

Above: Now, we just have to wait until October for this much memory to matter….

Well, that’s it. Please don’t attempt to rob us. Macenstein Labs has a fairly state-of-the-art security system consisting of iSights and some old iMac “hockey puck” mice you are not going to want to mess with.

11 Responses to “Mac Pr0n: We gots us 2 eight-core Mac Pros with 16 GB each!”
  1. Jay says:

    (cracking up at the opening paragraph)

    Priceless. This is much better than a regular “We’ve got oodles of tube counters now!”-type post about shiny new hardware.

  2. Christopher says:

    …what is this all for?

    Incredible setup. Although, now that it has been revealed that the Mac Pro can hold 32GB of RAM (in 4GB FBDIMMS – you’ll eventually need to throw it all out and replace it, which is… sad.

    Doesn’t stop me from being jealous though? What is the total value of this purchase/s?

  3. What a waste, just for iMovie and Safari? A G3 233 with 32 MBs of RAM and OS 7.5 would have served you just fine. Yeah, I’m jealous.

  4. Matt says:

    Sweet systems! How much do you want for the RAM?

  5. Well, actually, aside from Safari and Word, the “big guy” with the 2 500GB drives and the ATI X1900XT will be running Maya. We’re finally migrating our license over from a BOXX system running XP to a Mac Pro, and that is the only graphics card currently certified for Maya.

    the other one is just going to be a Final Cut Suite, and that is getting a Black magic card. Both machines are getting a fibre channel card as well.

    I wonder what our air-conditioning bill will be this summer?


  6. I hope the movie does well at the box office so you can pay off the credit card. 😉

  7. john says:

    And their Mac’s memory is statistically slower than 4x2GB of DDR2 SDRAM 667. Way to drop a chunk of change on hardware that will actually slow down your computer. Way to buy into the hype guys, do you even know how FB-DIMM’s work? Check up on that, you’ll see what i’m talking about.

    For benchmarks see this article.

  8. Sean says:

    Would love to take some of that RAM off your hands. Email me and let’s make a deal!

  9. Slim says:

    You are perverts! THis hurts like a bullet through a geeks heart!!

  10. kostas says:

    “Now, we just have to wait until October for this much memory to matter….

    what do you mean by that?

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