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Video: Randall Stephenson (Chairman and CEO of AT&T) on iPhone, AT&T’s new Video Share service, and AT&T’s evolution

Randall Stephenson, the new Chairman and CEO of AT&T, recently made his first public speech in his new position at NXTcomm in Chicago on June 19th. Randall touched on the iPhone, AT&T’s new Video Share service, and how AT&T will evolve in the coming years. Below is a video podcast of the event which showcases highlights from the speech.

(Above: Click to play. AT&T’s podcast is dying for the Ken Burns effect. Maybe next time they’ll use iMovie).

Most notable is just how large an impact Stephenson feels the choice of wireless company has on a consumer. It is his position that a consumer’s wireless choice affects their future purchases in the areas of communication, broadband, television, and media in general. He sees the iPod being a media convergence device integral to that strategy.

6 Responses to “Video: Randall Stephenson (Chairman and CEO of AT&T) on iPhone, AT&T’s new Video Share service, and AT&T’s evolution”
  1. herman says:

    That’s exactly why ATT made such a play to get the iPhone. People are going to be more likely to sign up for ATT’s television, broadband, etc. to save on bundle pricing, and the iPhone is going to bring in a lot of customers who were once on Verizon, using THEIR bundles. Whatever deal ATT made to get the iphone that was too rich for verizon’s blood likely will be seen as a steal in hindsight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    agreed. it’s all about “mindshare”. The phone is a great way to get into people’s heads.

  3. Anthony Anderson says:

    Dear Sir,

    I just became a AT&T customer. I sighed up for an internet plan for 19.99 month. My first bill is for 1919.78. There must be a mistake somewhere for me to receive such as this just for internet usage. I’ve tried to get it resovled at AT&T but so far no luck.

    thank You
    Anthony Anderson

  4. jadee says:

    Hey Anthony, check this out for your problem…

    Good Luck!

  5. Tom Jones says:

    That is why he wants all the jobs to be overseas so he doesn’t have to pay american taxes and he can pay for cheap labor. Now that is what I call a true American…Why doesn’t he move over to the third world country.. He won’t because he knows he has it made in here in the states. That is a good CEO.. Right? Take jobs from Americans and give them to some country that can’t speak our langauge.

  6. Donna Schexnaydre says:

    I am fed up with At&t and will be changing my providers for telephone, long distance, internet, cell, etc. I am contacted 4-5 xs a week to upgrade internet speed at my business. I would love for Mr. Stephenson to employ people who listen to their customers. I have told At&t over 100 times to not contact me about the upgrade. To this date I am still contacted. I am SICK of At&t… If you agree with me, write your own comment. It is time to bring back customer service; companies need to listen and take action what the customer wants. Send in your emails.

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