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6-foot neon Apple logo on eBay

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

What is the one thing that strikes fear in the heart of any Apple geek’s spouse? Why, the thought that their Mac-obsessed partner might one day bring home a nearly 6-foot tall neon Apple logo, of course! And for one unlucky person, that nightmare may become a reality.

Apple Authorized dealer Mac Resource of Huntsville, AL is auctioning the 5-foot to 10-inch sign on eBay, which has stood proudly on their exterior wall for many years. According to the description, the sign works perfectly, and the company who made the sign will be taking it down and crating it for shipment. All you have to do is come up with thousands and thousands of dollars. (Currently, the bidding is up to $2600 with an unmet reserve, so no telling what Mac Resource hopes to get).

It is a very cool sign, no doubt, and I know just where I’ll put it (I’m sure my wife will come to love it in time).

Out of curiosity, does anyone know the legality of selling such a sign? Just wondering if I can make a couple extra bucks selling 6-foot McDonald’s, Nike, and Pepsi logos.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Cookie O’ Puss for the tip!

21 Responses to “6-foot neon Apple logo on eBay”
  1. Rico Suave says:

    How much do they want for that giant tape measurer?

  2. Rowlings says:

    “This item only available to bidders in the lower 48 states of the United States of America.”

    Does that leave Washington State out? I think that is the second “highest” after Alaska.

  3. Rowlings says:

    By the way, I want 2 of these.

  4. eBooksBay says:

    eh, who want’s to buy such a crap!


  5. Steven says:

    RE: Rowlings

    By lower 48 states, they mean the continental 48 states as in every state except Hawaii and Alaska. It does not actually refer to the position of the states but rather the ones that are all connected to each other.

  6. sign owner says:

    the term “lower 48” comes from my days I lived in Alaska. It means all the states in the US except Alaska & Hawaii. But if anyone wants to pay the shipping, I’ll send it anywhere

  7. BillyBob says:

    d00t… and I thought they would just move it to their new store… MacResource has been a life savor on more then one occation specially since we dont have an Apple Corporate store around here

  8. Rowlings says:

    Thanks Steven, because I WASN’T being sarcastic.

    Comic Book Guy: Oh, a *sarcasm* detector. Oh, thatÒ€ℒs a *really* useful invention!

  9. open source says:

    what’s wrong with you people? apple is as disgusting as … censored for my own security

  10. fenix says:

    HAHA I want them SO badly. I would hang it on my garage

  11. Peter says:

    i bought both my macs from that store lol

    huntsville ftw

  12. Surprisingly there are only 8 bids…

  13. John McCar says:

    10 bucks says Woz buys it.

  14. david says:

    i’m a windows user and i want it!

  15. DownWithThem says:

    I have to wonder if they knew an Apple Store was coming to huntsville before or after they decided to move to a new building?

  16. Rowlings says:

    John McCar –
    $20 says Woz already has 12 foot one, and it BLINKS!


  17. Above Par says:

    Bet they will shut down the Apple corporate store

  18. Cookie O' Puss says:

    Interesting point about the legal issue. I have no idea. I think it is something Apple probably doesn’t care about. It’s not like selling the sign is their primary business. (although it is up over $4000 and still not met the reserve!) Maybe Apple should sell these signs on their online store.

  19. Count me in on this one.
    What a great piece of computer memoralbia

  20. imajoebob says:

    No legal problem with buying or selling the sign, as long as they were licensed to make it in the first place, which I assume they were.

    Displaying it is another matter. There should be no problem with personal use or artistic (even if uncomplimentary), but commercial use is almost certainly prohibited. I doubt that even a current Apple authorized reseller would be allowed to use it, since it is no longer the appropriate logo.

    Another interesting question is does Apple have some sort of preemptory right to the sign as a mechanism to control its trademark? So all you Windoze fans bid it up to make Jobs pay more!

  21. creditfille says:

    i’m almost sure they are authorized to sell it; otherwise, they’d face a lot of problems … anyways, these logos are amazing πŸ™‚

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