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Apple stock reaches all-time high on iPhone release

Posted by Helper Monkey

Apple’s stock today climbed 6% in heavy trading to hit an all-time high of $127.17 on news that it may be making even more than previously thought on each iPhone sold. Research firm iSuppli estimated Apple may be enjoying as high as a 55% gross margin on the hot-selling 8GB iPhone. Apple’s stock has climbed more than 50% since the iPhone’s announcement at Macworld this January.

With iPhone sales estimates this weekend alone coming in as high as 700,000 or more, it seems Apple stockholders will have one more reason to celebrate this holiday weekend.

4 Responses to “Apple stock reaches all-time high on iPhone release”
  1. It DIDN’T “hit” an all-time high. It CLOSED at an all-time high, yes, but in June the stock had risen to 127.61 but closed lower.

  2. Sweet! says:

    Symantics. I am stoked. I can’t wait to see their End of the year price!

  3. If you’re going to ignore semantics, then you’re even more incorrect. 127.17 is not an all-time high for the stock AT ALL.

  4. Ian from says:

    The AP story says the same thing..

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