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iWeathr brings live doppler radar to the iPhone

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

I was showing my mother my iPhone the other day, and since for some reason all she and my father care about is the weather (not that their life revolves around outdoor activities in any way) I thought I’d show them the weather App (widget). Instead of being impressed that I can so quickly get a 5-day forecast, my mother asked “Does it show a real-time radar view?”


Well, apparently there are more people like my mom out there than I think, and luckily I now have a solution that has gotten my parents to give the iPhone the proper respect. The folks at iWeathr.com (note the missing “e”) have created a real-time doppler radar view for over 65 US cities which is viewable on your iPhone. The donationware app pulls the images off weather.com and serves them to your iPhone, allowing you track storms or just verify your trip to the beach will remain rain-free. The site only appears when viewed from an iPhone, and it’s really quite fun. All you iPhone owners should check out iWeather here. (And the rest of you should go get iPhones. These things are fun!)

8 Responses to “iWeathr brings live doppler radar to the iPhone”
  1. Ryan says:

    No Ohio? 🙁 And, how do you make it full screen like that without the top and bottom toolbar. Is that even possible?

  2. Hmmm… Ohio IS a rather large omission. I originally thought Kansas was missing as well, but they put it under Kansas Heartland instead of a traditional city/state listing.

    As for full screen, Looks like they used some artistic license in their pic. I can’t remove both toolbars either. Still, I think it is pretty neat.

    And hey, it’s free! Tell them you’ll pay for Ohio.

    -The Doc

  3. Ryan says:

    Ha! It’s parents too that are the weather freaks. Not me. Great find though, will easily impress the ladies! Er… 🙂

  4. Nagromme says:

    You can get rid of the iPhone top bar by flicking up a little (to scroll it out of view) if that helps.

  5. tremans says:

    Awesome. Just bookmarked it…. thanks for the link. The site looks and behaves just like the iphone apps…. Hopefully it’s just a sign of things to come with people building slick web services specifically for iphone.

  6. Mark says:

    You can get Ohio by going to the NWS website and pull it up in Safari … for that matter you can get any NWS radar that way. The Weather Channel radar is slightly different and I would like to get it ALSO in Ohio.

    (ILN – Wilmington -Cincinnati)


  7. Brian Wilson says:

    thanks for the comments everyone. Just writimg to let everyone know that I added Akron and Cincinnati Ohio to the iWeathr app!

    Brian Wilson

  8. Ke_K says:

    iWeathr is brilliant. Thanks for doing what NOAA hasn’t, Brian. I love the animated radar on the NWS site (like Dr. M’s parents) because with a little brainwork you can guess exactly when and where it’s going to rain, and for how long. But the animations don’t work on the iPhone’s version of Safari. At least not in the original iPhone’s version of Safari.

    BTW, Dr. Macenstein, Brian Wilson’s iWeathr pulls the animated gifs from the real source, NOAA, home of the National Weather Service. Not from the crap-laden weather.com web site that piles tons of ads on top of repackaged NOAA data.

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