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QuickTime 7.2 Update Breaks Flip4Mac WMV Export

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

If you are an avid user of Telestream’s Flip4Mac and have not yet upgraded to QuickTime 7.2, you may want to hold off. Many Final Cut Pro users are finding that the popular WMV exporter no longer works after installing Apple’s latest update. “Inconsistent Audio Sample Rate” errors are rampant, even when there is nothing inconsistent about them.

Flip4Mac has acknowledged the problem (which apparently is all Apple’s fault, Telestream claims they haven’t changed anything on their end) and suggests a workaround method for those who are already stuck with QT 7.2 and don’t want to go through the agony of a QT 7.2 uninstall and a QT 7.1 re-install.

Unfortunately, the workaround is anything but ideal and involves working only in 44.100 kHz. Let’s hope the folks at Flip4Mac and Apple can get this fixed quickly.

2 Responses to “QuickTime 7.2 Update Breaks Flip4Mac WMV Export”
  1. Lee says:

    Telestream is the developer of Flip4Mac which runs under OSX. It is a product that I use and have found to perform well in it’s limited capacity.

    It would seem that Telesteam has a problem with the horse/cart concept which is really no surprise since their product has limited value so long as it doesn’t work with Micro$oft DRM protected items. Apple has multiple millions invested in OSX….Telestream may have a few hundred thousand invested in Flip4Mac. Apple is constantly innovating and Telestream needs to keep up with that innvation or risk fading into oblivion.

    Obviously, Apple has changed something in Quicktime and now Telestream is trying to put a spin on it so that their lack of support is somehow Apple’s fault since “they haven’t changed anything on their end”. B*LLSH*T! If Telestream were doing their job, they’d have been testing Flip4Mac against the changes in QuickTime code provided to developers BEFORE IT IS RELEASED and changed something on their end, so “their” product would continue to work like they want it to work.

    As the producer of a product that depends on an OS, it is up to Telestream to keep up with changes in the OS…not the other way around. Thank GOD!

  2. Michael Maggard says:

    Agreed the tail doesn’t wag the dog, but having been on the other end of “we don’t know what the heck they did to break us” end I can’t fault Telestream 100% out of hand.

    Presumably if one writes to Apple’s public stable APIs then nothing should break. But nobody is perfect, including Apple, and sometimes things do go wonky. It’s also possible that Telestream is doing funny things within QT. Also QT is notoriously complex to develop for, and presumably to further develop. So who knows where the error really lies.

    But it isn’t always possible to code around another’s error – there are cases where it’s just broke and until the other side, or both sides, fixes whatever everyone is SOL.

    Yes, it’d be far preferable if this had been caught (and resolved) BEFORE the latest rev of QT was released. Without any more insight then what has been published above it reads like Telestream ought to be more agressive/proactive their compatibility testing. But to call BS? Not so sure.

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