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Something to try on your iPhone when you are bored

Posted by iGor

If you are ever bored, here’s something stupid that will kill about 40 seconds (most of it typing) on your iPhone.

From the main menu, go to Maps, and type in 15.298683, 19.429651.

“X” marks the spot. TREASURE! (or maybe Bin Laden?)

8 Responses to “Something to try on your iPhone when you are bored”
  1. wow says:

    why is that spot so high res?
    Very odd. Thanks!

  2. Rowlings says:

    You can actually type that into regular google maps, and it gets you even closer than the iPhone does. You don’t see the “X” when zoomed in, but you see the camels.

  3. Chad says:

    Check out this up close

  4. MrMikey says:

    I am no expert, but if you look around that one hi-res spot, there are several people looking straight up at whatever took the picture. Leaping to conclusions, could this be a shot from one of those unmanned surveillance aircraft?

    If so, why here? What are these guys doing at an oasis in the middle of the desert, and why did it rate such a hi-res shot? Also, how did Google get their hands on this image?

    Makes you really wonder about many things, none of which have satisfactory answers. Very cool, Macenstein!

  5. “The bombing begins in five minutes!” 🙂 – R. Reagan

  6. Luke says:

    Ha ha, I can’t even zoom in that far in australia. but thanks for the link … I’ve never seen google maps at such hi-res

  7. niclet says:

    On Google Earth you can go closure and without the huge GMaps green arrow (by the way, how can we get rid of it?).

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