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Teens want an iPhone more than a new car

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

A report over at Autoblog sheds some light on just how effective Apple’s iPhone marketing campaign has been, particularly amongst generation…Y? Z? ZZZ? (What are they up to now?) Anyway, you know, the kids.

It seems that CNW Marketing Research asked teens to choose their most desired items, and the iPhone came in with a whopping 70% of the vote! iPods also made the list, along with PS3’s and computers. Autoblog was somewhat disheartened to hear even shoes outranked the perennial favorite “cars” in the survey.

Perhaps kids these days are smart enough to realize that a $600 car isn’t going to impress their friends, but a $600 iPhone might.

3 Responses to “Teens want an iPhone more than a new car”
  1. Mitch says:

    No question that the iPhone is an object of desire and has had quite a successful product launch.

    However, I don’t think it has much to do with Apple’s marketing campaign. The iPhone (because it is a GREAT product) sells itself.

    A successful/desired product is no indication of successful marketing (often times it’s in spite of lame marketing). I think the success of the iPhone is based on 3 things – Apple’s recent track record of delivering great products, the pent up demand for a better cell phone & most importantly Apple is selling a breakthrough product.

    Do you think the Harry Potter books / movies would be successful without ANY marketing? I do. The Nintendo Wii has lame commercials but is selling well because it is a GREAT product.

    Some things sell themselves, let’s not give credit where credit is not due.

    p.s. my opinion of the iPhone marketing to date:

    the ‘hello’ commercials that ran in January sucked! They were annoying.

    the timing of the selective press releases (you tube, data networks) leading up to the launch were effective

    the group of commercials (showing the use of the product) were well done and smart (the idea to show the actual UI for the iPhone)

    the website / short movies on the website were well done

    instore marketing was excellent – they did (as they always seem to do) a great job using the whole store as a canvas for the iPhone (without overdoing it – still looked classy / clean)

  2. michael says:

    Who wouldn’t want an iPhone? It’s the absolute best handheld device the market has ever seen! Forget marketing, this is desired because its amazing!

    By the way, im writing this from my iphone!

  3. sexy mama says:

    no its slow and big and ugly. not worth the $4oo dollars it is now,

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