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The Magic iPhone help number

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

If your iPhone is not working yet (join the club), and you want to call AT&T just to feel like you have some control over the situation, odds are if you call the standard iPhone help line (877-800-3701) you will be stuck on hold for about 30-45 minutes before getting a rep that will tell you all you can do is tough it out.

Well, if you still want to accomplish the same thing (nothing) in a fraction of the time, call this number instead: 877-777-4189. It is the number you eventually get transfered to from the AT&T rep you’ll get when you call the 877-800-3701 number.

A rep gave it to me after I told him I got disconnected after waiting on hold for an hour. I have since gotten straight through twice, and had to wait 2 minutes once on that number.

Enjoy, and good luck.

9 Responses to “The Magic iPhone help number”
  1. David says:

    wow. the friendy guy from AT&T is in the process of activating my phone :O

    the number actually worked!!!

  2. Hey that’s awesome, congrats! Wish I could say the same…
    -The Doc

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the phone number. I had it earlier and lost it. I am on hour 60 trying to get my iPhone fully functional. Sunday morning I finally got “activated” but did not have a phone number. I was told to call the porting department at 10am. After completing an automated porting system on Sunday, my Alltel phone quit. 🙂

    Just got off the phone and now have two porting group phone numbers to call at 8am eastern. Not sure if they will help but here they are: 888-898-7685 for automated porting. 866-895-1097 for porting status.

    At least my iPhone is functional except for the telephone part. Wifi, syncing, email all work great.

  4. Paul says:

    Yay! After 60 hours, my iPhone is fully functional. Thanks again for the phone number tip. It led me to 866-895-1097 where they corrected an invalid SIM ICCID number.

    These are magic numbers:
    877-800-3701 for activation problems. Don’t use after the phone lights up and syncs, the wait time will be very long. This one found the incorrect feature.

    877-777-4189 to get a human about problems after activation. This is where the first number transfers you after activation.

    888-898-7685 for automated porting. This is the one that started the alltel port and killed the alltel phone.

    866-895-1097 for porting status and to get a human. This one fixed the incorrect SIM ICCID number in the ATT system.

  5. Lisa says:

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  6. hayley says:

    i was putting in a phone number into my iphone and the screen just went gray. i tried putting it into the charger and nothing happened. i also pushed every single button on the phone. nothing works. i am scared to death. please help me.

  7. Abigail King says:

    the number doesn’t work anymore, fyi.

  8. Jayne says:

    As of today, 2/27-08, the second number he offers (877-777-4189) is no longer working. However, the first number is still activated, and it was a short wait time of 1-3 minutes. I think things have calmed down a bit in the iphone world.

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