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Vertus releases Fluid Mask 3

We’re big fans of Vertus’ Fluid Mask Photoshop plug-in (Macenstein rated 9 out of 10 read review) for cutting out complex subjects from their backgrounds, so we were quite excited to see that Fluid Mask 3 has finally shipped for the Mac. (For the past couple months, Fluid Mask 3 was a Windows Vista-only beta, but now people who will actually use it (meaning Mac users) can now give it a test drive).

New features in Version 3 include:

    • A new “Save Settings” option enables users to easily recall edge detection, blending, and resolution options from previous sessions, eliminating the need to continually reprogram these options when working with batches of pictures

    • The “Color Workspace” palette now includes a “Color Sampler” which enables users to select specific colors from an image and see where else within that image the same color appears. Also available in the “Color Workspace”, the new 2-D color map enables more accurate color selection

    • A new “Patch” system allows users to make changes affecting a selected localized region without affecting the rest of the image.

    • “Patches” can be easily selected with a highlighting brush tool rather than relying on a standard box shaped patch. Once a “Patch” has been selected, users can call up the most popular editing options with a simple right click of the mouse.

    • Localized “Edge Detection” tools enable users to automatically detect hard to find edges inside a Patch (In the same way, localized edge blending techniques are used in Patches to overcome common problems such as masking hair and complex colored foregrounds and backgrounds)

    • Users are now able to launch a test render of the localized Patch (a “mini” mask) and toggle between the working image and a rendering of the final mask;

    • Improved intuitive help features such as “Best of Breed Help” offers XML help files and direct links to Fluid Mask tutorials, enabling easy access to hands-on demonstrations.

You can download a free trial of Fluid Mask here, although you might as well just go ahead and fork over the $239 now and get it over with (upgrade pricing not yet available).

3 Responses to “Vertus releases Fluid Mask 3”
  1. Hey Doc Mac says:

    Thanks for the posting kind sirs!

    Would just like to add that the upgrade from v2 to v3 is $100. All of our customers were emailed prior to the release but some of these email have slipped through the net (or spammed) and contained a unique coupopn code.

    So if anyone wants to upgrade and didn’t receive their coupon code all they have to do is write to us at

    Thanks again guys,
    Vertus Tech

  2. Hindsight says:

    I can’t get it to work on 10.4.10 with CS3 or standalone. Shrug. It launches and then terminates.

  3. Roger says:

    A great piece of software and highly recommended. Probably the best selection software out there. Use coupon code ‘sandmania’ to get a discount on the software if you wish to purchase it.

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