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Find Jason Bourne and Win one of 10 iPhones

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

And speaking of wanting an iPhone more than a car (see faithful Macenstein reader Mike’s comment), faithful Macenstein reader Michelle tipped us off to a new movie promotion for the upcoming Universal movie The Bourne Ultimatum is promising to give away 10 iPhones (along with such lesser prizes as a VW Touareg 2 and $25,000).

To win, you must play The Ultimate Search for Bourne. It’s an online game and sweepstakes that’ll run until the movie comes out, using a bunch of different Google applications like Maps, Search, Images, Translate, and YouTube. There is also a gadget that players can add to their iGoogle page that will give them message alerts and a new clip from The Bourne Ultimatum every weekday. The grand prize is a VW Touareg 2 and a four-city trip to destinations featured in the movie and $25,000, but there’s also a “sightings” mini-game (where users must successfully “catch” Jason Bourne at least 25 times via a surveillance camera placed on a Google Map), and where winners can receive one of the 10 aforementioned Apple iPhones. The game started yesterday, and ends on August 2, the day before the movie premieres.

Personally, I am far too lazy to devote the amount of time necessary to win that contest, but I wish the rest of you good luck. And please, if you should win the car instead of an iPhone, try not to look too disappointed. As a faithful Macenstein reader, I am willing to trade you my iPhone for the VW. that way everybody wins!

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