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Apple kinda sorta updates the iPhone

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Apple this afternoon released a very minor update to the iPhone’s software (available via iTunes).

How minor is it?” you ask?

It’s so minor, if it were a person, it couldn’t drink, smoke, or vote, and you couldn’t take it across state lines without the FBI tailing you. That’s pretty minor, folks. It’s a .0.1 release, with no new features specified – a far cry from the update many iPhone faithful were hoping for. Apple simply describes the update as containing bug fixes, and leaves it to the iPhone community to figure out what they were (and we have no doubt they will). Unfortunately, my iPhone is still MIA for the moment, being painted at ColorWare, so I am unable to join my geeky brethren in the quest to test out the latest software.

But, ever the optimist, I am hopeful Apple considers “bugs” things like MMS messaging, iChat, Copy and Paste, and the ability to use the iPhone as a modem. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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