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iCal’s missing Calendars

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Since I have no friends or social engagements worth noting, I mainly use Apple’s iCal to track movie and DVD releases so that I can sit alone in a theater (or at home) and cry tears of loneliness while watching a movie. This sad ritual is one of my great joys in life, and thanks to iCal’s DVD Releases and Movie Openings calendars, I have been able to avoid MovieFone for over a year now.

However, starting about 3 weeks ago, both the Movie Openings and DVD Releases calendars stopped updating. The last DVD Release update occurred Tuesday, August 14th, and the last Movie Opening refresh was Friday August 24th. While it is possible that the DVD release of Wild Hogs and the Movie Release of Mr. Bean’s Holiday were enough to cause Apple’s iCal servers to self destruct, somehow I doubt it.

Above: iCal’s DVD and Movie calendars seem to have stopped being updated about 3 weeks ago. Same with the NFL calendars.

I also tried subscribing to some NFL calendars with no luck. Subscriptions to the Patriots and Vikings show up in iCal, but list no events. Since the new NFL season kicks off today, seems like these should be in working order. Luckily, the Japanese Holidays calendar seems to work just fine.

I had Helper Monkey attempt to subscribe to the same calendars on his MacBook, with similar results. After numerous iCal feedback posts to Apple, it appears I will have to log on to (shudder) MovieFone and see what’s coming up. Well, at least it’s not Fandango.

Anyone else out there able to confirm or deny this?

11 Responses to “iCal’s missing Calendars”
  1. Neven says:

    Yup, noticed the same thing a few days ago. Odd.

  2. Vermyndax says:

    Confirmed here as well. The last time this happened, I deleted them and resubscribed and that resolved the issue.

  3. Dimitri says:

    I also noticed the same thing a while ago.

  4. Yep, I noticed this too. I loved the fact it was working before!

  5. Ed says:

    ….some port blocking or creative filtering on any url requests by the ISP?

  6. Mrarfarf says:

    If you look at the web based browser of the calendar files (link) you’ll notice it’s not your software, it’s the fact that there ARE NO updates after a certain date, as mentioned above. It’s apples fault this time. someone is lazy OR they are being updated for leopard? with an update soon? that would be rad if they added some feature in that had preview links or something..

  7. Darryn says:

    Just an update to add to the mystery… I didn’t notice this problem with the DVD releases until Jan ’08, at which point I had updates through the end of December. Then nothing. Not sure why, but I decided not to delete it, and just for grins today, clicked on it.

    I discovered that between 12/07 and 03/08 there were no updates. Then there are DVD updates, on Tuesdays just as before, spanning from about 04/08 through 05/08… and then nothing again for June, July, and this first week of August.


  8. Steve says:

    Not working in Tiger, either.

  9. LA©KO says:

    Hey Mr Macenstein,

    First Showing.net has a calendar for iCal for new movie releases. It seems to list movies for the rest of the year that flows into 2009!

  10. LA©KO says:

    Hey Mr Macenstein,

    href=”http://lifehacker.com/5050229/leopard-update-fixes-bugs-in-mail-ical-and-more”>Life Hacker reports Apple’s Leopard 10.5.5 update is suppose to fix iCal issues that might correct the new movie release calendar issues. I’m still running Tiger so I had to find another solution.

    First Showing.net has a calendar for iCal for new movie releases. It seems to list movies for the rest of the year that flows into 2009!

  11. Wayne says:

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